Change to cheaper insurance rates – liability, household contents and more

Would you like to bet that at least one of your insurances pays too much? For all insurance policies you have, you should check whether you really have the cheapest tariff at the moment. Because there are hundreds of rates for every insurance policy. And these are constantly changing. With the comparisons listed below, you can quickly check online whether there is a cheaper tariff. You should take these 5 minutes now and not postpone them until tomorrow. You’ll probably save hundreds of euros with these 5 minutes a year. By the way, the change can be done completely online in a few minutes.

Maximize your tax refunds.

You should always file a tax return – even if you currently have no income – and even if you are a student! Because even if you have no income, you can still claim a tax loss. This tax loss is noted by the tax office as a kind of tax bonus, which is offset as soon as you pay taxes.

Tax is the largest expense item for most people. However, very few people are familiar with it. The savings potential is enormous. And we promise you: it’s much easier than you think. Did you know, for example, that you can deduct any kind of tax advice – whether it’s tax consultants, books, online tools or trips to the tax consultant? You can also remove application folders, photos and so on. Very few people also know that the way to work or study can be deducted – no matter how you get there. You can also deduct anything that health insurance companies don’t pay for.

What you can deduct from your tax:

Expenses in connection with the tax return: Tax consultancy costs, expenses for tax tools/CDs, trips to the tax office, trips to the tax advisor, etc.
Technical literature: trade journals, books, etc.
Donations: Have donation receipts issued to you.
Medical costs that are not covered by the insurance: Anything that is not paid can be deducted.
Application costs: All costs incurred in connection with applications, e.g. application portfolios, photos, etc. can be deducted.
To work or university: No matter how you get there – by car, train, bicycle or on foot.
Extraordinary costs: If, for example, you had to buy new furniture because of a fire or theft.
Home office: Do you work from home? Then you deduct your workplace from the tax.

Get reimbursed for canceled and delayed flights – 3 years retroactively

Did you know that you can get thousands of euros back in no time for delayed and cancelled flights? There is up to 600 € per flight and passenger! With just a few clicks you can put your expenses back online. The money is available even if the terms and conditions state that the flight is not refundable. Because according to EU law you are entitled to it. The only requirement is that your flights have taken off or landed from the EU.

By the way, the chances of success are 100%. And you get your money back with just a few clicks. So you have 0 risks. Via the link, you can check completely free of charge whether your flights are refundable.

And what else: By the way, you also get the compensation for flights within the scope of package tours.

Author: George T. Carico

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