Saving Tips For Miser: Save 3.000 €/year

With our tips, you can save up to 1,190 euros on mobile phone, DSL, electricity and gas costs. In addition, with a few tricks for eating and living, you pay only half as much and save on insurance, in the gym and on transport inside and outside your city. We will also show you how you can receive cash gifts up to a value of 2,200 euros with little effort.

No matter how much money you have, everyone should follow the saving tips. Because cost traps lurk at every corner. Whether impulse purchases in the supermarket, hidden fees for credit cards and current accounts or unused subscriptions – all unnecessary costs that quickly add up to hundreds or even thousands of euros and do not bring any additional quality of life. These 40 saving tips should convert everyone, who does not want to throw its money into the window.

Our saving tips do not mean a loss of quality of life. Therefore, we do not recommend you to go every way or just do free time activities. But each of our saving tips is a trap that most people fall into even with a tight budget – and which you avoid from now on.

It will probably only take a few hours until you have implemented all 40 of our saving tips. Because we have also chosen the savings tips so that they are particularly quick and easy to implement without impairing the quality of life. All in all, you can save thousands of euros in just a few hours. I bet you can’t come up with a job that earns you that much per hour?

We deliberately start with saving tips for living, because this is the largest expenditure item – and therefore also the item with the greatest saving potential. Because rent, deposit and ancillary costs quickly add up to a lot. Bet that with these savings tips you can halve your housing costs without having to live worse?

Spartipp #1: Change your electricity and gas supplier.

Most people pay too much for electricity and gas. There are more than 12,000 electricity and 8,000 gas prices. Usually, most people get their electricity from the basic supplier of the city. However, this usually does not offer the cheapest tariff. The tariffs are fast times around 500 per year with one and the same consumption. You can find out by the way completely simply and uncomplicatedly with few Klicks out on-line whether you really have the most favorable from the 12,000 current tariffs. If not – which is probable – you can change the tariff with few Klicks on-line just as simply.

By the way, you don’t risk the electricity switching off. The exchange service is completely free and will be taken over by your new provider. It will also ensure that the power supply works smoothly. If you would like to purchase green electricity, you can also specify this in the comparison calculator. By the way: you are particularly clever if you compare and change the electricity prices every year. Because the tariffs change regularly. You can easily save 500 € per year.

If you heat with gas, you should also compare the gas rates. With the cheapest tariff you can reduce your heating costs by up to 300 € per year. With the tariff calculator you can estimate your consumption easily. All you have to do is enter the size of your home and the number of residents. You can make the change online in a few minutes. Your new supplier can cancel the contract with the old supplier. In addition, many providers offer an exchange bonus for new customers.

Spartipp #2: Moving to a cheaper apartment

This saving tip may seem banal and cumbersome at first glance. But your apartment is the biggest cost block of the month. However, the rent should not exceed one third of your income. This is also the national average. Maybe you can get a much better apartment or an apartment for less money. If you search continuously, you will find what you are looking for. The housing search does not have to be a time-consuming project. For example, you can set up a personal search request free of charge at Immobilienscout. The system then automatically notifies you by e-mail when new apartments or shared flats are added that match your search criteria.

Spartipp #3: Away with broadcasting fees

The GEZ radio fee must be paid by each apartment, regardless of the number of flatmates or electronic devices. If you receive BAföG, Hartz IV or other social benefits, you can be exempted from the fee. You can do this directly online. However, you should pay attention to how long your exemption is valid. This is because you are only exempt for the period for which your proof is valid. If you are initially unsure whether and how much the BAföG amount is, you can use our BAföG calculator to find out quickly and easily.

Author: George T. Carico

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