Get Money Back With Every Online Rurchase!

Join Shoop and Getmore for free and shop as usual at more than 2,000 online stores including Rewe, Douglas, Saturn, Zalando and more. Shop as usual, where you would shop anyway, and you’ll get money back for every purchase. Joining Shoop at Getmore is completely online with just a few clicks and completely free. You can easily cash out your accumulated credit.

Use online price comparisons before each purchase

Before you buy something online, you should always check a price comparison page to see which online retailer offers it at the best price. The price fluctuations are enormous and it costs you only a few minutes to compare all dealers at once. By the way, any shipping costs are also included.

Use Bonus Cards

Become a bonus card optimizer. Sign up for all the bonus cards you can find – provided they’re free. Also use a stamp card at your hairdresser’s or at the cinema. On average you save 10% of the costs.

Get a Payback card if you don’t have one yet. This will earn you points with more than 600 partners. With the normal Payback card, you collect 1 point from your partners for every 2 € spent.

Order a free credit card with a premium

Do you currently pay annual fees or foreign assignment fees on your credit card? Then you should change! There are many credit cards with which you do not pay annual fees, foreign assignment fees or worldwide cash withdrawal fees. Some providers also give away a cash bonus.

Receive a damage free bonus with your existing insurance policy

You can claim a damage-free bonus from your household contents, liability or legal expenses insurance completely free of charge and within a few minutes. You don’t have to change your insurance. All you have to do is register your insurance completely free of charge at Friendsurance.

So if you pay premiums for these insurances year after year, but rarely have damages, you can get back 40% of your insurance premiums – year after year! There are no costs and you don’t have to change your insurance. We have checked it!

Switch to a cheaper health insurance – also as a statutory health insurance patient

Did you know that you should also compare health insurance rates as a legally insured patient? The tariffs do not only differ with regard to the contribution amount. The statutory health insurance funds also offer a wide range of services. For example, some tariffs include alternative healing methods and Aryuveda cures. Many health insurance companies also reward you for doing sports, take over your fitness studio fee or subsidize the Apple iwatch! In addition, some statutory health insurance companies have bonus programs. You can compare the rates online with just a few clicks. The change is just as easy and fast. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, but check now whether you’re currently paying too much and whether you can get much more for the same money. After all, health insurance is one of the biggest expense items of the month.

By the way: Anyone who is a student, freelancer, housewife, civil servant or good earner can also switch to private health insurance. It is often much cheaper (!) and offers better services. If you are currently privately insured, you should also check whether you really have the best and cheapest rate at the moment. This only takes a few minutes. In total you can save up to 2.500 € per year.

Author: George T. Carico

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