Best travel credit cards in comparison

One point that is often forgotten when planning a trip is the choice of the right credit card. How often do I travel abroad with friends and their credit cards don’t work! Or they travel with credit cards of the “usual” banks Volksbank or Sparkasse, where they pay horrendous fees when withdrawing and paying abroad. Are you familiar with this situation? Then read on, here you’ll find tips for the best free credit cards when travelling.

The range of credit cards is huge. Everyone has a checking account and the corresponding EC cards and credit cards. These often cost money. Whether an annual fee or abroad to withdraw money or even pay. These fees are often not to be underestimated. The amounts quickly add up to a three-digit amount if you are not careful!

In Germany it is rather the case that you pay everything with cash. Many don’t have a credit card at all. It looks completely different abroad: Without a credit card you are stuck, because the normal EC card often doesn’t work abroad.

In this article I answer questions like:

“How can I avoid high foreign charges when withdrawing money while travelling?
“How do you do that with cash when you travel?”
“What is the best means of payment when travelling?
“Should I change money at home or on the spot?

First the good news: This free credit card with no fees is available!

The bad news: This article is very extensive and a bit longer, as I have tested many travel credit cards in recent years and have recently even applied for credit cards to earn miles.

If you don’t feel like reading the whole article now, you’ll find a summary here!

The 5 best travel credit cards
Unfortunately, there are also advantages and disadvantages with my favorite credit cards for travel. Read the article carefully, or look at the credit card comparison chart and decide which one suits you best. Here it really depends on your use. I use all of these credit cards, by the way:

Test winner:

  • 1plus VISA Card from Santander Bank
  • DKB Visa Card
  • Barclay Card Platinum Double
  • Comdirect credit card (but offers an ingenious service for me)

Credit card to earn miles: Lufthansa Miles and More Credit Card Gold (Business, also available as private credit card)
Update 2018 : The Santander Bank no longer offers a 100% direct debit of the invoice amount with the Santander 1plus Card. Either you transfer money manually to this credit card when the amount is due or you apply for the Barclaycard New Visa as an alternative for travelling in Europe. Currently, the Barclaycard even has a starting credit of 25 euros! But: With the Barclaycard New Visa you can only withdraw cash free of charge within Europe.

Absolutely no longer can I recommend the credit cards of the N26 bank. In the beginning I was really happy, because I could control everything via app. When an unauthorized withdrawal (at least 300 €) occurred in Colombia, the bank became complicated.

I had to report the theft to the police as well as several other trifles that ended in an e-mail war. Even my cancellation I had to confirm several times (DAS is probably no customer service).

Last but not least I got a normal N26 card (before that I owned the Business) – but why? I had quit several times. That’s why I advise you: Keep your hands off the N26 as long as the bank doesn’t have an institution behind it if there are illegal withdrawals.

I can recommend the banks of DKB and comdirect Bank particularly positively. Both offer a great service here!

Author: George T. Carico

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