Transport Saving Tipps

Renting instead of buying

You will save a lot of money if you do without your own car. With car sharing services like DriveNow you pay 25 cents per minute. You don’t have to pay any additional costs for fully comprehensive insurance, repairs, petrol, cleaning or parking. The price per minute is a flat rate that includes everything. For example, if you travel for 10 minutes, you pay only €2.50 for that trip. If you don’t have a monthly public transport ticket, you’ll probably travel cheaper than by bus or subway. If you travel in groups, it’s much cheaper anyway.

Ideally, you should register with many car sharing companies. Then you can only choose the cheapest car. If you are travelling to another place, always check if there is a carsharing provider there. It is also worth registering for cycling and moped riding. If the moped, bicycle or car is stolen or damaged, you don’t have to worry and are insured.

Pay with fuel discount cards

Pay at petrol stations with credit cards with tank discount. Both listed credit cards are completely free. If, for example, you refuel 100 litres per month, you save 60 € per year – simply by paying with your tank discount credit card. By the way: You get the tank discount at every petrol station – no matter which brand. There is even a tank discount abroad.

By the way, you should always refuel at free petrol stations, which are usually cheaper than the big brands. And avoid refuelling at peak times, i.e. shortly before the start of public holidays or on public holidays. So don’t wait until the tank is almost empty and you have to drive to the next gas station.

Fence penalties are free for the following persons

Every third fine process is faulty. Orders to pay fines are regularly issued incorrectly or with inadequate content. Therefore, the effectiveness of these notifications can simply be prevented. The chances that the proceedings will be discontinued are therefore much better than you think. The causes are various, e.g. wrong signage, measurements, evaluations, missing protocols, missed deadlines, etc.

We strongly recommend that you submit your documents online at with just a few clicks in order to carry out any fine proceedings that may be sent to you. Because the service checks the accusation completely free of charge. In the event of success – i.e. if the proceedings are discontinued – you pay nothing.

Use car sharing agencies

If you haven’t done it yet, register with the carpool now. If you have your own car, you should always take passengers with you on longer journeys. If you occupy all the seats, the trip will at best even become a business for you. With just a few clicks, you’ll always have several hundred € petrol costs for a round trip Berlin-Munich. If you don’t have a car, you should also register. Instead of paying a lot of money for long journeys by train or plane, driving a car can only cost a few euros. Horse riding is usually much cheaper than train and bus. For any longer journey, you should always compare long-distance buses, trains, car-sharing agencies and low-cost airlines before booking.

Author: George T. Carico

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