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Located along Cannery Row in Monterey, the Monterey Bay Aquarium features a couple of tanks. The first one is intended to highlight the marine coastal life of the state. The second one is a 1.2 million gallon-capacity monster that has the world’s largest window with a single pane. It hosts various sea animals, like stingrays, otters and jellyfish. Guests can view the animals from both above and below the water line.

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Advertisement"Do not wash aquarium accessories in the kitchen sink, bathroom sink or bathtub," another item on the list advises."If you have no other option," it continues, "then thoroughly clean and disinfect all the surfaces used with a bleach solution of four tablespoons per liter of lukewarm water. Rinse these surfaces well before reusing."Though the particular drug-resistant strain identified in Australia has yet to be reported from American aquariums, Dr. Fred Angulo of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that taking the sorts of precautions that Dr. Lightfoot and Dr. Gaulin recommended made good sense.All three researchers agreed that beyond any immediate public health risk, a potentially bigger problem is the makeup of the strain of Salmonella paratyphi B making the rounds in Australian fish tanks.The strain was loaded with five different genes that enable any bacteria carrying them to be impervious to at least as many different antibiotics.There are still effective drugs that, if needed, will readily kill the strain, and it shows no signs of spreading to the human food supply or through it.But where is such multipronged drug resistance likely to have developed? Almost certainly not in the aquariums of individual pet owners, or even in the larger network of aquariums in local pet shops or in veterinary clinics, Dr. Lightfoot said.She said she believed it came from Southeast Asia, which exports most of the world's ornamental fish. The use of antibiotics in the region's aquaculture tends to be heavy and not tightly regulated.

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Dec 18, 2012 - So where can you find the aquariums with the highest capacity in the world? Here is a list of the top ten biggest fish tanks in the world. Aquariums are found in millions of homes, all over the world. As a peaceful and fascinating way of bringing sea life into your home, its been a popular pastime for decades. And now, aquariums are more popular than ever. With sleeker, lighter tanks and more varieties of fish and tank decorations, you have the freedom to create the fish tank you've always wanted.

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While we used to keep goldfishes in small water bowls, studies have now shown that they actually need a lot of space to roam around, as well as filtered water to keep the quality clean. The usual size of aquariums for the home these days is enough to carry a load of up of 30 gallons. There are aquariums, however, in water entertainment parks that has a much higher capacity. These water tanks have the ability to host even the largest sea creatures in the world, from dolphins to whale sharks.

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