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White Mountain Community Health Center has a powerful new tool to fight iron deficiency: Lucky Iron Fish. These palm-sized lumps of iron in the shape of a smiling fish can be used in cooking to add iron to a diet, much as cooking in a cast iron pan does.

Common Name: Meteor Minnow, Chinese Danio, Canton Danio, White Cloud, White Cloud Mountain Fish

Hunting, fishing, camping, rafting, skiing, and hiking: no matter what you're coming to the White Mountain Apache Tribe for, you will enjoy a beauty that can't be found anywhere else on earth. We welcome you!

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Q: Does Sunrise offer fishing permits for the lakes on the White Mountain Apache Reservation? The White Cloud Mountain Minnow will live for up to 7 years in captivity by the right temperature. Warm water will cause shorter lifespan. Of course if you get them from an untrustworthy breeder who inbreeds them, the fish will probably be weak and die much sooner.

Tanichthys albonubes – White Cloud Mountain Minnow - Seriously Fish

Often overlooked as a choice in the aquarium, the white cloud mountain minnows are very lively, enjoyable pets to keep. Their small size means they don't need a large aquarium, but enough room for their activeness and tendency to play around. White clouds are schooling fish and therefore much happier and healthier when they are kept in a group. In the wild, they live in fast-flowing streams and unfortunately, are practically extinct.

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In the middle of the summer our rivers tend to warm above 70F and the trout fishing comes to a screeching hat. That is when we head to the White Mountains of New Hamshire, where the waters are always cold and the fish seem always willing to attack a well-presented fly. Our guides are not only licensed by the State of NH Fish and Game department, they also have guiding permits for the White Mountain National Forest. This is important, because the coldes waters and the most willing trout are often found in the head waters, deep in the White Mountain National Forest.If your vacation or weekend get-away takes you to North Conway, Barlett, Lincoln, Woodstock, Waterville Valley or nearby areas, contact us about a guided fly fishing adventure in the White Mountains of NH. Rivers that we guide in the include the Pemigewasset, Mad, Swift, Peabody, Ellis and Saco. Check out our for videos of fly fishing in the White Mountain National Forest. The Twin Mountain Hatchery dates back to President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal of the 1930s. After members of the Whitefield Fish and Game Club read about the creation of a hatchery in Chester County, Pennsylvania, they presented the idea (for a similar project in Twin Mountain) to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.