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A few days ago I had noticed about 20-30 small white dots scattered across the rocks of my aquarium and two of them ended up on the aquarium glass. None of these are on the live plants. They are a solid off white color. (same color as a sesame seed and a little smaller then a sesame seed) Hard, no spiral, no design, no gel, nothing. It looks like I scattered sesame seeds across the rocks, but you can't remove them unless by force. Are they fish eggs? Could they be snail eggs with only one snail? All help is appreciated!

You could soak them in clean water with some white vinegar, then again in just clean water. If the rocks react to the vinegar, don't use them in the aquarium.

#3 Aquarium Gravel, White Coral- excellent overall aquarium gravel for most freshwater applications (this is NOT actual coral, rather natural rocks with the color of coral rock)

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aquarium grey rocks with 3D grey background and matching white aquarium gravel - aquarium decoration idea from Aqua Maniac Dried reef rocks are essentially . Dried reef rocks are composed of dead coral from reefs. These rocks are usually white to tan in color; no colorful coralline algae like on live rocks. These rocks are great for making aquascape structues for your fish to live in, hide in, and enjoy.

Petrified coral is coral that is dried and no longer houses living organisms or bacteria. Usually this type is coral is seen as white to tan branches. Petrified coral is great for adding unique features to your aquarium aquascape.

Both dried reef rock and petrified coral with bacterias and organisms with time and a healthy, thriving aquarium. A newly established tank may take years to gain large quantities of coralline algae and bacteria blooms because the tank ecosystem is new and must mature and gain stability to maintain small, delicate organisms such as copepods and various bacteria. The process of turning dried rock and coral "live" by adding rocks, sand, and other objects to a newly established aquarium from an established, older aquarium. This way, the massive coralline algae and bacteria will spread onto your new rock and coral and house themselves there. Before adding dried rock and coral to your tank residing on them from store handling. Proper curing method can be found above; "Curing Live Rock Before Use", but for a shorter duration of time. Dried rock and coral can be obtained at local fish stores or online for decent pricing. Great dried reef rock is sold by trustworthy Carib Sea. These rocks are white and shaped gorgeously, as well as having a cheap price of less than two dollars per pound:

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I recently bought a one year old albino Axolotl from a pet store, and have had the aquarium going for 3 weeks now. Ive been doing 50% water changes every 3 days and only put food in a dish for my little guy so the food is contained and is easy to clean any left overs. The last water change I did I used warmish water from the tap at about 21 deg. C. (70 deg. F.)(the same temperature as the tank water) I then added the appropriate chlorine remover in the bucket before adding it to the aquarium. This week I have noticed this white algae looking stuff coating all of the river rocks and plastic plants in the aquarium. It seems to be taking over. Today I did a 50% water change and sucked out as much of it as possible with my substrate siphon and I could not believe how much was in the river rocks. Even with the amount that I sucked out it barely made a dent.

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