Tetra Whisper Aquarium Air Pump, For 60 gallon Aquariums

Designed for tanks up to 300 gallons, the Tetra Whisper 300 UL Deep Water Air Pump does not disappoint. Powerful and reliable, the pump offers the performance required for tanks with greater back pressure. The Whisper 300 raises oxygen levels for healthier fish, and improves the water quality in general.

Tetra Whisper Air Pump (Non-UL) 60 used for fish tanks of between 40 to 60 gallons.

As an aquarium enthusiast, you know there are many elements that make up your system. In order to keep fish healthy and happy, they need a good size tank, fresh water, light, oxygen, food and the right care and maintenance. One of the items youll need for your tank is an aquarium air pump. This is a key part of the total package. There are many uses for aquarium air pumps, including: running air-driven protein skimmers, ozonizers, sponge filters and adding bubbles to an aquarium via an air stone.

Having a well-aerated tank will help stabilize pH levels and provide the oxygen your fish need for respiration. Battery-operated air pumps are also available to help keep your aquarium oxygenated during a power failure.

The decision for you is determining which brand or type of aquarium air pump you need. Pet Mountain has a wide variety to choose from including Tetras Whisper Air Pump, the Penn Plax Air Tech Aquarium Air Pump, Rena, Commodity Axis Via Aqua Million Air Pump, Coralife High Pressure Super Luft or 7.0 PSI pump, Elite Maxima Deluxe and Hydor Ario 4 Turbo air Pump. Every model has its own unique benefits. We also have aquarium air stones and aquarium air tubing, take a look at them all to see what will work the best for you.

have been completely redesigned! The unique inner chamber, dome shape and thick rubber feet dampen noise caused by air flow through the pump making this one of the quietest air pumps in the industry. The contains a series of interlinked chambers which create pressure as air is pushed through the small openings producing an amazing and powerful air flow. The air flow is easily controlled by a simple turn of the dial. The is perfect for a variety of water related applications for your pond and aquarium. This efficient pump helps aerate your water and maintain a healthy living environment to ensure your aquatic life receives the proper oxygenation needed.

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Tetra Whisper Air Pump (Non-UL) 100 used for fish tanks of between 60 to 100 gallons. Over the years, after handling quite a few fish tank pumps, we’ve come to a conclusion: An aquarium pump which makes absolutely no noise does not exist. But. The Tetra Whisper comes close; it’s powerful, but unobtrusive. The dome-shaped case seems to flatten sound, and prevents it from reflecting off of other surfaces.

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You can buy them at Wal Mart and save the shipping. The manufacturer is Tetra, so look for the Tetra Whisper 40 in the pet section of Wal Mart. (The pumps are made for fish tanks)

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