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I recently started a new 10 gallon tank that came with a Tetra Whisper 10i and am ridiculously disappointed. I have two young koi fish that are relatively clean, but just in a day or two the tank was cloudy. I don't recommend that filter system at all. I just ordered the filter system I have on my other tanks and will be throwing that monstrosity out as soon as I get it.

graduation, I bought her a GloFish 3 gallon tank kit with a Whisper filter

The Tetra Whisper EX Power Filter comes with two of the large, patented carbon filters that it uses to clean the water in the tank. The filter also comes with two bacteria growth plates so that you can check the health of the water within the tank, keeping both your fish and plants healthy. Although the Tetra Whisper EX Power Filter does not provide chemical and biological cleaning, Tetra offers many different products that can help you to manually monitor and clean the water in your tank.

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Keep the fish tank clean with this Tetra Second Nature Whisper EX Filter for Aquariums. This item comes already assembled so that it is easy to set up. The provides powerful support with whisper quiet operation. This easy-to-assemble filtration system hooks easily to the back of a tank up to 45 gallons in size and filters up to 240 gallons of water per hour to provide an oxygen-rich environment for freshwater or tropical fish species. The proprietary multi-stage, frameless ppull out and replace in seconds and remove a high percentage of surface dust and dirt as well as excess food particles, fish waste, and algae for healthier fish.

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This small and compact filter makes it discreet and easy to disguise with plants and props, so there is no large, unattractive box at the back of the fish tank. The Tetra Whisper EX Power Filter has also provided innovative time strips to tell you when it’s time to change the cartridges. These time strips mean that you don’t have to remember exactly when you need to change the cartridges, simply remove and replace them when the time strip turns red, and then timing will start again from the time of replacement. Even replacing the Tetra bio bag filter cartridges has been made simple. Tetra has provided a door on the top of the Tetra Whisper EX Power Filter, so there is no need for Tetra replacement filters when replacing the cartridges. The cartridges simply lift out and are easily replaced minimising drips and mess.

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