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Goldfish usually live 5 years in a small aquarium, and can live up to 20 in a small pond. My pond (with a waterfall pouring from the top section to the bottom, is about 1,500 sq feet. Most of my fish are between 10 to 15 years old. I have never given them fish food, they eat whatever falls into the water from trees and vines. I have tubes in the bottom for them to hibernate or hide, and have two small fountains which keep a hole in the water during our occasional winter where the water freezes over. If they can't get nutrients from that hole - they simply hibernate. I live in NC....they are all normal goldfish.

Where do goldfish live?

Goldfish swallowing was an American school starting in the 1920s, where a live goldfish is swallowed. Although it's not clear how the fad emerged, various people have made claims. A 1963 letter to the claimed that it all started with a man by the name of Lothrop Withington Jr. Withington was a freshman at University who aspired to become class president and was willing to do what it took to receive the votes of his classmates. Because of his previous boasting in regards to swallowing a live goldfish, a student later dared him to do the stunt once again. His "campaign managers" then encourage him to do so as a publicity stunt in order to win the election; little did they know what they were about to begin. On March 3, 1939 the freshman students gathered to see the show and Lothrop didn't disappoint. He grabbed the goldfish, leaned back and with a bit of hesitation, gulped it down. "Reporters and photographers were inadvertently present in the Harvard Freshman Union when Withington swallowed his live (with a mashed potato chaser) and started a nationwide fad in the spring of 1939." Not before long, other colleges were joining in of the strange trend.

I felt weird finding goldfish in the woods in rockyhill,ct.

Where Do Goldfish Live Another pond fish, the koi, is even larger and more elaborate, Mr. Sieswerda said. It is very closely related to the wild carp, Cyprinus carpio, but has long been bred to achieve fantastic colors and shapes by fanciers in Japan, where prize fish are auctioned for large amounts of money. The koi is long-lived but not as hardy as the common goldfish.

How to Make a Goldfish Live for Decades: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Make a Goldfish Live for Decades