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Flatheads are preferential to live bait, we've all heard this and it's true. But, I have seen flatheads caught on all kinds of stuff,hotdogs, shrimp, cut herring, chicken, liver, bream heads, frogs, snakes, stink baits and even soap why? Because it happened to be there when they were feeding. Now given their druthers they seem to pick live flashy active baits much faster than all that other stuff.

Since nearly all catfish over 2 feet long feed mainly on other fish almost exclusively, your best bait choices are going to be other fish. Which ones depends on where you are, what season and a few other factors.

Where do they live in Indiana? Flathead catfish are common in the state and live in large rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. What kind of habitat do they need?

They usually use Chicken livers or skip-jack that we catch on the damn. Though where we fish on the bank doesn't have much of structure. you basically throw your line out and yeah that its. i geuss its just the bait and luck. we had the kentucky and indiana world record Blue cat caught there if that saids anything

catfish is adapted to limited light conditions

Where Do Catfish Live Pursuing this line of thought, two possibilities exist. One, thatafter introduction, the small catfish escaped the "estate" lochs and foundtheir way downstream to Loch Ness, where they could eventually growto prodigious size and age, and were at the same time reckoned to haveperished at their original location; and two, that these young catfishlived to breeding age, unnoticed, in one or more peaty hill-lochs,where the dark water absorbed the sun's heat and reached a suitabletemperature for breeding in the summer months. A proportion of the progenywould then be available to supply Loch Ness with a continuing supply ofyoung catfish. In either event, a Victorian gentleman's experiment couldhave had significant long-term consequences for the area's economy.

The average length is about 25–46 in (64–117 cm)

That is great information and helped out a lot. I live by cut baits myself. I don’t really prefer the manufactured baits myself. One thing I had a question on though is does catching bait at a different spot from where u r fishing seem to affect any of your/yalls action? I live in Virginia and I have a pond I typically go baitfishing at but it seems to never fail that if I catch my bait out of the same body that I’m cat fishing out of I have more luck. Is it just me or does it seem that or am I crazy?

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Those that have been following me for a while know that one of the things I do is tailor my target species to the time of year I am fishing. This is a productive approach to catfish fishing regardless of where you live. [Tweet It]Yellow Bullhead (Ameiurus natalis): Yellow bullheads are slightly larger in size. They are less hardy than the other species and have a preference for more vegetation. They are often present in bodies of water where other catfish and bullhead species do not live.