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Another place to buy fish, although not in Alaska, but in , is from a vendor at the Pike Place Market. Fish are seasonal, you won't find Sockey till June. Anyhow, from this site, you can buy fish and have shipped to your home. Fish will be just as delicious. Otherwise, ask around while in Alaska where to buy fish to have shipped home.

Where are the best places to buy fresh & local fish & seafood that we can prepare back at the Condo? Also, what is in season during mid-may? Thanks! Mark.

Top chefs often feature “day-boat” fish caught locally on restaurant menus, but unless you live near water, it can be challenging to find the freshest fish. Often the fresh fish you buy to prepare at home has been frozen. Fish sold as fresh can be anywhere from one day to two weeks out of the water. Large fishing vessels may stay at sea for two weeks, keeping their catch on ice to sell fresh. Even locally caught fish may take days traveling from boat to truck to wholesaler to retailer to your kitchen.

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Apr 29, 2015 - We are staying in an apartment in Reyjavik in May. I saw a post about a place where you can buy fresh fish to cook, but can't find it now. But if you’d like to pick your fish yourself, there’s still more than a few options. While there used to be more fishermen selling their wares directly on the docks, now there are just a few places left where you can buy straight off the boat. If you’re looking for that experience, try Pillar Point Harbor down in Half Moon Bay or Moss Landing, where is the popular go-to. Here in the Bay Area, there are a number of fish markets, big and small. Try these eight, and let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite.

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Besides wholefoods, where can I get fresh fish to buy? I would prefer to purchase from locals instead of a grocer store! Besides, wholefoods is way too expensive even in oklahoma!

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Chinatown, where most fish cost just 10 percent above wholesale price, is perhaps the cheapest place to buy seafood in New York City. It also has something few other stores carry: live fish. But few non-Chinese customers take advantage of the low prices. Most, concerned about the freshness of fish displayed on ice packs in open air, as they often are in Chinatown, and not wanting to bother with traveling to Chinatown, sorting through unfamiliar fish and struggling with language barriers, prefer to buy in their neighborhood stores and can wind up paying nearly twice as much. Online – In my experience, the best online purveyor of sushi grade fish is . They have an incredible assortment of different seafood, a great deal of which is sushi grade and sold for making sushi at home. They even have items that can be hard to find, such as and multiple grades of , and even have one of my all time favorite seasonal items, , which can be very difficult to find. Most items are shipped frozen, so you can defrost and use at your leisure, and, if you are totally new to making sushi at home, they even sell sushi kits and all the ingredients you will need to get started. There are a few other places online that I have used, but they all seem to come and go, and I am now at a point where I personally only buy online from Catalina.Japanese Markets – If you are fortunate enough to have a Japanese market near you, they may very well sell fish that is considered sushi grade. If you are in or near a city, chances are, you may find a Japanese grocery store somewhere local. While you will generally find a variety of fish there, you can ask or look for the area where they will probably sell fish that has already been cleaned and cut into pieces that are ready for sushi. Often, they are cut into a rectangle, ready to be sliced against the grain for perfect sushi neta. Just make sure that the fish you is specifically meant to be eaten raw, as it may not be in the same area as the fish sold which is intended to be cooked. I buy a lot of fish from my local Japanese grocer.I third the Point Judith vote. Fresh fish can be had @ Champlin's (they have a market underneath their restaurant). If you are looking for lobster, you can buy it right off the boats. It will be less expensive than buying at any local store. You can buy culls (one-clawed lobsters) for pretty cheap. Many of the lobster boats dock near the State St. area in . Take a right off Escape Rd. and then a left onto State St (it is near the area where you can get a lot of the fishing charters). Belmont Market in Wakefield does have very fresh seafood each day, though going to Galilee is a lot more fun. The Alternative Food Co-Op in Wakefield also has fresh fish from local boats each Friday.