You can use brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, or frozen beef heart

I've had various sizes of fish tanks and tropical fish for several years, and the Betta is one of the most poorly placed fish in this aquatic hobby, that I have ever seen. It is good to read somebody that also doesn't believe they belong in a tiny bowl or tank. Personally, I'm not a big fan of 'em, but the few Bettas I have had, were in a 29 gallon community tank. Unlike what some people think, the Bettas are actually timid, poor little fish when compared to others. When you have two males together they will often fight each other, but other than that, I always had to worry about the other fish killing them. Even the tiny tiger barbs would pluck them to death, if they felt feisty enough; ha!

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ok well my brother suprised me with a japanese fighting fish and i really dont know how to take care of it its name is angelo haha but im only 13 any tips on what type of tank and how the water needs to be im scared to buy a tank with a heater i was thinking of buying a plastic one… please reply 😀

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Jun 25, 2017 - There are various frozen meats that betta fish can also eat "Your food has really helped my old fish! I have a Betta named Dragon who is approaching three years old. Earlier this year, I noticed his fins were shrinking, his color was poor, he was becoming listless, and did not attempt to fight with his neighbors in nearby bowls. I was certain he was going to die very soon, as my other Bettas were becoming old and weak, and some had already passed on. Soon only Dragon was left. I purchased a new Betta, and as I always do, bought what he was eating in the pet store, because they can be very picky about their food. It was your Bio-Gold food, and I began to give this to Dragon. Within two to three weeks, he was being more active, his color was returning, and he was taking notice of his new neighbor! Even his fins seem to be in better condition now. He is now back to his beautiful velvet black to silvery blue, and he's quite feisty. Thank you Hikari, for saving my beautiful little friend!"

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Finally, (yesterday) I got him some friends. I wanted a good clean up crew for my betta, since I KNEW there was tons of uneaten food in his tank, and I was fighting the ammonia BIG TIME! I got him four loaches (these are supposed to be nearly neutral on the ammonia impact, since they eat uneaten food) as well as 15 ghost shrimp (I REALLY don't want to deal with algae at all) two "glofish" otherwise known as extremely altered zebra fish, (my son really likes the color pink right now, so we let him pick two fish, and he got the pink "glofish") and one german blue ram (I like cichlids, and this is the only one I've heard about getting along with bettas, about 50 percent of the time) So all of a sudden, Elvis got 4 loaches, 15 shrimp, 2 zebras, and a ram!!! If he wasn't eating because of loneliness, that was about to change! And guess what... IT DID! He still wouldn't eat, after my son fed all the fish. He did his typical *stare at the food until it gets water logged, then watch it sink to the bottom, then swim away* But then the ram, zebras, and loaches gobbled up all the food. It took about 12 hours before I discovered a ghost shrimp's eyes, and face, sticking out of Elvis' mouth!