You can use brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, or frozen beef heart

So my kids one bettas at the fair after getting them we did tremendous amount of research and these bettas have 10 gallon tanks self regulating heaters at 78 degrees a gentle flow pump live plants moss balls and betta buddys plenty of hiding places and we checked the water with test strips regular clean regularly and they still don't seem happy. The original fish diet fin rot before we knew what it was it had it beforehand so what time we got it was too little too late we even did a fish hospital for it. They eat pellets and once a week we feed them organic Blanched pea quarter of one a piece. But they still don't seem happy I'm getting very discouraged. I want them to thrive. I don't know what else to do we have spent so much money we now have 4 of everything cuz we didn't get the best stuff first we also have test strips for the water that we use regularly. Please help my brain hurts can't stop obsessing. Thank you Christina

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Bonus: Peas are great if you notice your fish is bloated or constipated. Basically a boiled pea does what fiber does for me and you, a pea once a week with a day of fasting can help keep your betta fish regular.

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What Do Betta Fish Eat? A Guide To Feeding Betta Fish - Its A Fish Thing Anyway, the temp in my house is usually no lower than 65 because my son has an African Grey. A few weeks ago, after being gone for the first weekend it got cold, I came home to find my house warm, and the my son had taken the bird to his house, so I turned the heat down to 60 and went to bed. The next morning, my betta was hiding in his little car and didn't want to come out. I panicked and started researching about water temperature. Well, he came out, and was acting normal, and eating and all was fine. But because of what I had read, I purchased a small heater. At first, all I could find that was small enough was the kind that raise the temp 10 degrees, so I ordered a thermometer also. Meanwhile, the fish was fine. The thermometer came broken, so I only used the heater at night when I knew the room would be cool. I found him hanging near the top in the morning, and since I read that they go to the bottom to try and get warm, I thought he might be at the top, trying to cool off. Otherwise he was still fine. I did this for a week or so. Then I found a small heater with a thermostat that kept the water at 78 degrees. After a couple days, my fish got kind of lethargic. He is staying on the bottom mostly, only occasionally coming up to the top, and he won't eat, or flare or make bubbles. I did about a 30% water change, just to make sure that wasn't the issue, tho the water has been clear, and he was ok for a month while I was away during the summer. I feel like the warm water wasn't good for him, so I took out the heater yesterday. He is still the same, tho maybe moving a tad bit more. He goes from the corner behind the plants or another decoration, to hanging in his little car, and once in a while hanging at the top, near the plastic grass.

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Hi i am extremely worried i was cleaning my fish bowl and when i went to put my betta(Maven) back in he fell out of the cup and into the sink i immediately picked him up using a paper towel and put him back in the bowl he immediately sank to the bottom and stayed there for about 10 mins without moving an inch just breathing really slowly. He has started swimming again but im afraid he might have been hurt. So i was wondering what signs should i look for or do you think he's ok? Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated thank you so much in advance.

Feed your Betta only what it can eat in about 2 minutes.