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I would name my fish after my religion.
Here are some names that you could read. Mormon, Nephi, Lehi, and Joseph.
That's what I'd name mine. But, you could pick and choose for yourself.

I just got some fish i have named three but am stuck on naming a blue and red male siemise fighter what are some goodnames

If these fish show up in your seaside snapper sandwich, that’s OK with the FDA. Their common names are all different, but what they all share is that “snapper” is their FDA-approved accepted market name. All told, some 56 fish species can legally be sold as snapper.

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Justt got four fish and I need names. What are some random cute unique fishie names. :) But they all have to like go together? Thankss! Common names within family are very disorderly, including Jacks, Amberjacks, Pompanos, Trevally, Bumpers and Scads, without clear deliniation as to which are which. This section deals with those most commonly called Jacks and Trevally, which tend to be some of the larger of the , without too much regard as to what genus they belong to. The fish don't cooperate either, some change shape significantly as they mature. With 30 genera, this naming mess is impossible to make orderly. for other fish of this family see , and .

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wow! so many funky names! ive had a few bettas over the years since my boyfriend and i got together
Aoi=male=of course as someone noted earlier, its japanese for blue! he was the most brilliant blue ever! very shiny and very well mannered!
tenchi=which is japanese for heaven and earth, i found this poor fellow in teh sunday market in a very very small plastic container with low amounts of water, i feel sooo sorry for all the fish there!! i bought him…and because he was mistreated, he is shortsighted and is scared and angered easily, i love him to bits and because of that, his name is tenchi (he mustve survived bad times) and he is my heaven and earth…he is living longer than my other fish! what a true fighter!
sasame=my boyfriend and i love anime (japanese anime) and since we got sasame a short while after tenchi, we named her after a character that liked tenchi in an anime! she was very wild mannered but very lovely to nibble food off ur fingers
and i got two more, yet to be named hence i came across this site for ideas!
thanx its a great site!!
Vanessa from Adelaide, Australia

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My baby female is named Mobey (like Mobey Dick the story) any way even though it is not girlish she isn’t she is a spunky little fishy who is very curious and loves to play. One time I turned off her filter and she swam all around it trying to figure out what happened. But when I turned it on she swam around it again trying to figure it out!
Here are some other names I thought of
(One of my favs) Captain swishypants