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Below are a couple of filters to consider for your Betta. No matter what you choose, keep an eye on your fish at first and make sure he is coping with the water movement without any problems. If you need more information on finding an appropriate tank for your Betta, check out:

@omg: Betta require warm water temps like tropical fish. Are you monitoring the temp in his tank and if so what is it?

I think these sleeping behaviors show the importance of having tank ornaments and aquarium plants – the betta fish like to use the shadows cast or the holes that are included with the ornaments to sleep in. Since they sleep in these places it is my opinion that they find these places their ‘safe place’. Betta fish will use these ‘safe places’ to hide when they feel threatened for whatever reason and will retreat here to reduce their stress levels – resulting in a happier betta.

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Completely normal! Betta fish cab breathe from the air at the waters surface, that’s what you are seeing him do. We have a male betta that is a little over a year and has been in a bowl the whole time. We have upgraded sizes as he grew from a little finless clear fish to a gorgeous 2 inches plus fins. Gradually over the last month his fins have started to look shabby and he has developed a thin film on the top of the water. We clean his bowl 2 times a week and always have so I am not sure what that is about. We think it could have to do with the colder tempature of the room and water. We now have a 10 gallon heated and filtered tank that has been cycled since Christmas that we want to put him in but are worried that it could shock him. What is the best way to do this? Btw there is 1 gold platy in there currently that managed to stress to death a molly, and 2 guppies. :( We are willing to move the platy out if necessary but would like to see if they can tolerate each other first. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Another interesting thing to learn is that female betta fish seem to enjoy the air-time more often than the boy betta fish do. Very much more in fact. If you are thinking about keeping a sorority of bettas, you should do more than just “think” about getting a lid on that aquarium. In case you haven’t learned yet, a sorority is what you call a group a girl bettas in an aquarium.

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If you are only 9 years old yet smart enough to write this post then it shows you are smart enough to ask your mom or dad to get you a good betta book so that you can take the very best of care for your fish by reading it well. Then if you have any questions you can always ask someone. But if you do that make sure they know what they are talking about. Stay away from Petco and Walmart and stores like that because even though they sell fish they really don't know much about them and only care about the money each fish can bring them. In fact, I would not buy ANY fish from them. Here is a picture of one of my fish from Ebay-{here you will also need to know who you are dealing with}. As he got older the blue spread out into his fins. This fish is known as a Over Half Moon or OHM Rosetail. These types of fish need extra care. They definitely need a beta hammock, nothing sharp in the tank, and space to move around in. All betta with similar fins need this. I do water changes like this: every 2 to 3 days I do partial changes up to 50% of the water. When I do this I siphon all the poopy off the bottom. I then fill the tank back up WITH SAME TEMPERATURE water using Betta Ultimate water conditioner. Now, you may only be 9 but I believe you can take of your little friend the right way. But it is up to you to learn how. Okay? The question still remains whether bettas experience sleep in exactly the same way that people do. After all, they can't close their eyes because they have no lids. So it's not immediately apparent what they are up to. Do they fully loose consciousness like people do? Perhaps not since they are very territorial and on constant guard against interlopers, even if they are the only fish in their tanks. Still, they do appear to take time out to rest, and this is the equivalent of sleep for humans.