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not only add a lot to an aquarium aesthetically, but also provide a more natural environment for fish and any other critters living in the tank. Plants help oxygenate the water and maintain a proper pH balance. Plants will also reduce the growth of algae by consuming the nutrients in the water before the algae can.

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I have a 23 gallon tank and have just placed an order for heaters, filter pump, gravel and lighting rig, just so I can explore the idea of maintaining an underwater garden. The good news is, I am part of a team. My partner wanted fish for our boys, I’m a keen gardener. Neither have kept fish before but between us I am sure we will manage. Worse case scenario; the fish die, the plants get used as compost material for my allotment and the aquarium becomes a formicarium and I move in a colony or two of lasius flavus or lasius niger.

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Would watering my plants with fish tank water be beneficial for the plants Low-tech aquariums require less water changes to prevent CO2 fluctuations. These systems need steady CO2 levels in accordance to avoid algae issues. Tap water is rich in CO2 and with each WC we add a fair amount of CO2 which plants will consume in just a day or two leaving them with low CO2 levels for the rest of the week. Fluctuating CO2 levels will very likely cause algae issues (stressed plants). For Low-tech tanks it is enough to do a 50% water change every 2 month. For that reason we rather under-stock with fish to minimize the organic build up.

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will evenly distribute nutrients making them available for plants and bacteria. Aim for a circulation between 5-8 x of the tank volume per hour depending on plants grown and fish kept. Some prefer stronger currents while others weaker ones. Some aquatic gardeners use circulation of up to 10 x the tank volume per hour but they do reduce the water flow by using very long submerged spray bars which should be placed just below the surface.

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