How to care for dwarf aquarium lilies, Nuphar stellata, with pictures

is used as an ornamental plant because of its spectacular flowers, and is most commonly used for the traditional and cultural festivals in Sri Lanka. It is also popular as an aquarium plant under the name "dwarf lily" or "dwarf red lily".[] Sometimes, it is grown for its flowers, while other aquarists prefer to trim the lily pads, and just have the underwater foliage.

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An Aquarium Banana Plant is another freshwater readily available in pet stores these days. An Aquarium Banana Plant may also be called a Banana Lilly, Fairy Water Lily, Big Floating Heart, Banana Plant, Aquatic Banana Plant, Freshwater Banana Plant or Nymphoides aquatica. An Aquarium Banana Plant can make a visually interesting foreground plant due to its thick green tubers that give it its “banana-like” look. As the plant grows, it may produce a long leaf stem that will shoot toward the surface of the tank. Also, the plant may even grow small white flowers just above the surface of the water.

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This aqua-plant red water lily adds beauty to any aquarium this plastic plant stands 8 1/2 tall on its planter cup base. "Our nursery is certified as "a Controlled Plant Exporter under the Plant Quarantine ACT B.E.2507 and Amended " The customers in European countries can import our plants with safe and good conditions as the EU regulation requires.
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1. All varieties of aquarium plant
2. Nymphaea spp. water lily
3. Adenium spp.
4. Plumeria spp.
5. Euphorbia milii

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This is a discussion on Water-lily in a tank? within the Plants for Enclosures and Vivariums forums, part of the Vivaria, Enclosures & Product Reviews category; Hello all, Has anybody tried water-lily as an aquarium plant? I'm thinking if It could be planted in an tank ...

Has both leaves down low and lily pads on top of the water

Tropical water lilies can be stored over winter by lifting the plant from the container and storing the rhizome in a plastic bag or container full of damp sand and peat moss at 50 to 55 degrees. Remember to label your rhizomes. Alternatively, you can re-pot the water lily into a smaller container. Trim the roots and cut back the majority of the foliage. Store it in an aquarium tank making sure that the temperature doesn't get above 68-degrees; this control will ensure that the water lily is not actively growing.Dwarf water lilies are not particular about habitat. Depending on aquarium size, they make good foreground or midground plants. Plant them away from other plants to create an aesthetic element. This water lily requires strong lighting to thrive in the home aquarium.