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Developed as a super-strength water conditioning treatment for tap water, API Aquarium Tap Water Conditioner makes for an excellent way to keep your aquarium water livable and comfortable for all of your fish and other species of aquatic life. This remarkable water conditioner benefits practically any fish tank or aquarium by instantly removing chlorine and also by neutralizing chloramines, therefore upsetting the chloramine bond. Specially formulated to condition tap water, this solution also detoxifies heavy metals that are typically found within tap water. In addition to containing heavy metals, tap water typically contains high amounts of chlorine, which is why it's important for it to be de-chlorinated prior to adding fish and other aquatic life. Using a water conditioning treatment such as this solution from API will help to promote a healthy and comfortable aquatic environment for your fish. For added convenience, this solution requires only one drop per U.S. gallon. Whether you are setting up a new aquarium or simply adding more water to your current fish tank, be sure to condition the tap water with this easy-to-use tap water conditioning solution from API.

What is the best aquarium water conditioner for your goldfish? Which water conditioners do you use?

#4 – API Stress Coat+
is another widely used aquarium water conditioner. It can remove heavy metal, detoxify ammonia and nitrite, creating slime coat for fish, and to add electrolytes.

Is Betta Water Conditioner Safe for Goldfish

Water conditioner makes tap water safe for fish and plants. Neutralizes harmful chlorine and chloramines. Protects fish with coating. The NovAqua products for conditioning aquarium and pond water were first introduced decades ago and have been used world wide ever since, becoming a leader in water conditioners for fish and other aquatic life, both fresh and salt water. The NovAqua products have been continually expanded and improved in performance as advances in the technology have been made and as public water conditions have changed over time. NovAqua Plus is the latest in technology and is appreciably more advanced than the original NovAqua product, being completely reformulated.

Can I Add Water Conditioner While The Fish Is In The Tank

It is a complete water conditioner that stimulates the natural secretion of slime to protect fish from the harmful effects of handling, shipping, fish fighting and other forms of stress.

How much water conditioner should i put in my 5 gallon fish

Aquarium water conditioners are any chemicals added to the aquariumwater - either before the water is added to the fish tank or to thewater in the fish tank itself - in order to "condition" or alter thewater in some way. Conditioning the water can vary considerably frommerely to altering the of the water.There are several different types of freshwater aquarium water conditioner promoted as being specifically for Bettas (or Siamese fighting fish). However, this water conditioner is also safe for goldfish, another freshwater species.