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Yeah Walmart doesnt have great fish. The only thing they have is the fish supplies. I go to walmart for the supplies because they are particularly cheap. I am 12 and i ahve been a fish owner for 4 years. I have created a tank all on my own. And from my proffesional opinion Walmart is a good place to buy fish supplies not fish.

A mother raised some concerns after a recent trip to an Olathe Walmart showed tanks full of dead fish.

"I would like to complain about Walmart. Dirty fish tankswith diseased fish. I recently bought 2 red-capped orandas and a calicofantail from them. Or should I call it RESCUED. If I would have left themthere,they surely would have died within a week."

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Okay daughter wanted a fish tank and I went to walmart and bought the 10 gallon starter aquarium I made an account on here just to leave this review. I recently bought my first betta fish from a local pet store. The tank prices were a little high so I decided to go to Walmart to find one. I walked past the live fish and my heart broke. There are dead fish and much too small tanks. The betta were pitiful. Most were half dead. I found two that looked like they had a chance so I bought them and took the home. The water was filthy and there was mold and dirt in the bottom of their bowls. I fed them after putting them in tanks at home and they ate the food like they'd never eaten before and immediately were more lively. Just makes me sad I couldn't save all of them.

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I've been in that store several days in a row and have seen filthy tanks, diseased, dying fish, poor crabs, snails and bettas in the same shape. Also informed other associates will not help take dead fish out of tanks as that is not their department or as one associate told me, they're just fish, who cares. Bottom line, she played the let's pass the blame game. No one cares about these animals at all. If these were dogs or cats, it would be quite a different response. Theresa was also rather curt, rude and full of excuses. I will go to Walmart corporate, the Better Business Bureau and the news until someone listens.

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GFS members from across the US have told horror stories about the terrible treatment fish receive at Walmart. Fish are forced to livein filthy water, dead fish and diseased fish abound in the tanks, andfish are overcrowded. Often, fish are kept with other incompatiblespecies, and goldfish are indiscriminantly mixed with tropicals. My localRochester, New York Walmart's pet department is dark, ill-lit, andnot supervised. To obtain help, one must seek an employee out. Seeingthe fish literally die before my eyes, suffering in these terribleconditions, is revolting. No animal should ever be treated this way,allowed to suffer endlessly until its inevitable death.Visited this store on June 16, 2017 and was appalled at the lack of care of the pet fish. The tanks were absolutely filthy and the fish themselves looked sick; one poor goldfish in particular sat upside down in a corner of the tank, apparently unable to swim and clearly dying. If Walmart is unable to care for these fish before they're sold to consumers, then they should not sell them at all. My family and I will not be returning to this Walmart until the fish receive better care or they stop selling them altogether.