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Thank you for raising this important question. The concerns raised by these reports do NOT apply to VITAL. Please be assured that the specific vitamin D and fish oil supplements (and placebos) used in VITAL have undergone extensive quality-control testing to verify and ensure that they contain the correct nutrients in the correct doses, are free from contaminants, arrive fresh at your doorstep, and remain shelf stable for at least 1½ years from the time you receive them.

Prior to starting the study, we worked intensively with the supplement manufacturers, packaging suppliers, and quality testers to address these critically important issues. The results of these tests were carefully reviewed and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before we began the study. VITAL’s vitamin D supplement is made by the California-based company Pharmavite (and sold commercially under the Nature Made label). VITAL’s fish oil supplement (Omacor® fish oil, 1 gram) is made by the Norway-based company Pronova (recently acquired by BASF) and is a formulation available only by prescription. One problem with many over-the-counter fish oil supplements is that they can spoil or become rancid. In our stability tests, the packaged study capsules were subjected to extreme climate conditions such as temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and high humidity. The results of these tests demonstrated that the capsules and nutrient content remain stable. Please store the capsules in the calendar packs (keep unopened packs inside of the aluminum pouches – the way they’re shipped to participants) to avoid any potential problems.

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Vital Fish Hydrolysate can be used in compost tea and incorporated into a regular feeding schedule to deliver a rich dose of nutrients to your plants and soil.

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Vital Fish is a great fungal food source & …… Monster Gardens offers this great product from Vital Landscaping. Here is a quality Liquid Fish Hydrolysate called Vital Fish. This product is not only an organic fertilizer but is a great fungal feeding source!

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Exclusive: With soaring meat consumption around the world, vital omega 3-rich fish stocks destined for human mouths in western Africa are being snatched by foreign food companies to feed factory-farmed animals – and ultimately the populations of wealthier countries

"We don’t have gold, or petrol or diamonds, the sea is the only resource that our country has," says Mariane Tening Ndiaye, a fish trader and head of the women’s fish smoking association, as she takes me around her domain behind the market. Low-strung platforms covered in flayed fish and blackened ovens stretch away into the distance, the air thick with the stench of rotting fish guts.

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