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Food for thought for those concerned about potential cruelty. How many of you scoop your fish? How might that net appear to them? Perhaps a huge panic-inducing entity that insists on swooping in and swallowing its prey regularly then regurgitating it back to a disturbed home ages later. But is that larger tank recommendation truly written in stone forever? Could it be possible since Bettas must go to the surface for air, their energy expenditure is more efficiently focused on vertical movement and the need to move about in a wider horizontal environment might be our own human projection - remember waste disposal issues were the original reason for the larger capacity dictum and that has been addressed by the new design. I'm putting this in next months budget, looking forward to seeing for myself how they do in this aquarium and am also wondering about the best vegetation.

If no one dared to challenge current thought, we'd likely still be huddled in dark caves and shouting down the gal who picked up a few rocks and fashioned the first hearth:-)

The next fish tank is the Tall Aquarium. Generally, these fish are tall (vertically lengthy). The fish that can fit in this tank are:

In theory, this is a brilliant idea! Fish especially, however, need and flourish best in horizontal space and not vertical. Remember the tall tower aquariums of the 90's ... gone.

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Unique Fish Tanks | fish tank seems like a vertical version of regular aquarium How to build a custom vertical aquarium stand designed for three 10 Gallon tanks. *Now with music. Two of these aquariums will be used for breeding guppies and the third will be a hospital tank for sick fish. I hope to get the 55Gal up and cycling soon.

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1. Selecting topical fish for vertical aquariums. Which are suggested for this type of aquarium? I am thinking of a small mix of top swimming, mid-level swimming and bottom feeders? Any specific suggestions on type and number of fish that fit this aquarium?

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