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UV Water Return and Intake Adapter
For use with Vecton, Terminator, or any other under aquarium UV Sterilizer. For use with in-tank power heads or internal filters to safely return or intake water to the aquarium without hose kinks.

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Freshwater aquarium owners can also make their work easier with a UV-C sterilizer. Using this kind of device will make the water quality in your aquarium similar to that in highly pure areas with low microbiological contamination, which will make your plants and animals feel right at home. You will also see a noticeable reduction in bacterial and fungal infections and will be able to reduce your cost for medications, most of which have little effect in any case. Besides all this, a UV-C sterilizer is a secret weapon for discus breeders. This kind of sterilizer is the only way to protect these sensitive egg-laying fish from germs. Sterilizers are an effective way to avoid water muddied by algae and similar issues.

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I continue to follow the threads on forums, aquarium articles, and blogs about UV Sterilization. After the UV sterilizer has done its job, the dead organisms can be swept away, washed off the surface of the item, or become part of the natural cycle in an aquarium. Because UV light does not require that an item is placed in water, and does not achieve disinfection via superheating, it can be used for almost any purpose, and for almost any item.

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The UV sterilization process can be applied in the filtration systems of animal habitats, particularly saltwater aquariums, where it removes hostile microorganisms. The lack of pathogens in the sterilized water leads to a much cleaner environment for fish, which remain healthier as a result.

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