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This list of equipment and supplies includes a variety of pieces ofgear that you may want, need, or have questions about regarding yournew fish tank. Often, even experienced aquariists will have questionsabout pieces of equipment that they have not used before, or that theyhave little experience with. This aquarium equipment list includescategories of equipment for use in or with a fish tank. Selecting alink will take you to a page within or a section of the with information about that type of orpiece of equipment.

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A trip to any aquarium specialty store may reveal a wall of bottles and jars that resembles Doctor Frankenstein's chemistry lab. There are hundreds of commercial chemicals and supplements available for the aquarium hobby. Most of these are unnecessary and, depending on who you talk to, some are just flat out snake oil. Dechlorinators can be useful if you absolutely must use tap water. Ammonia removers can be useful in an extreme emergency if you experience an ammonia spike, but it should be used sparingly. Overuse can starve the nitrifying bacteria in your system and cause it to recycle from scratch. As long as you perform your monthly water changes using an good quality salt mix and pure, filtered water, you really should have no need to add chemicals to your marine aquarium.

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pieces of equipment and supplies used in reef and marine saltwater aquariums There all kinds of items that are battery operated that can be used as emergency aquarium equipment to provide the essentials -- oxygen, filtration, and heat. A good place to find such items are sporting goods and marine supply stores that sell fishing and boating supplies.

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Calcium chloride is used to raise the calcium level in reef aquariums and swimming pools. You can buy it in stores that sell swimming pool supplies. Seven pounds of calcium chloride sold at a local hardware store cost me less than $12. It is the same ingredient in Kent's liquid Calcium and Turbo Calcium. In the aquarium you can use it to raise the calcium level in reef tanks, and also freshwater tanks where hard water freshwater fish are kept. If you have soft water and you want to keep livebearers like guppies, mollies, swordtails, and platies, adding calcium chloride will help raise the hardness. Always dilute the chemical in water and then pour it into the aquarium in a high flow area. This chemical can get very hot when you add water to it, so use a container of water and add the chemical and stir until dissolved.

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A wide variety of aquarium supplements are available from your local aquarium retailer. The sheer variety can be confusing to those who are new to the hobby. If you are diligent in performing your scheduled water changes using a good quality salt mix, you really should have no need to add supplements to your tank. That being said, there are some basic supplements that are useful for marine reef aquariums. Supplements for calcium and alkalinity can be useful for maintaining proper levels. Care must be taken to test the water regularly to maintain the proper levels. Other supplements that are used by more advanced hobbyists include magnesium, iron, silicate, iodine, strontium, and borate. These supplements should only be used by advanced aquarists who know what they are doing. Adding too much of these elements can cause serious problems in a reef aquarium. The general rule of thumb for supplements is don't add anything to the aquarium that you cannot test for.Perhaps you are just starting to explore the hobby. Before making a final purchase, would-be aquarium owners should consider the benefits of buying used aquarium and accessories, in order to determine whether the purchase is a good value. Make sure that the tank and supplies are in working order, or if not, attempt to determine an appropriate solution to a broken piece of equipment. Even in situations where a or other part calls for minor repair, buying used offers considerable cost savings, especially for high-end equipment.