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Profound Glow Underwater lighting makes a family-accommodating setting to improve the night see with a sparkling light that goes past the water’s edge making a virtual aquarium that everybody can appreciate. From unforgiving saltwater areas and unpleasant water situations to quiet lakes and beautiful lakes, lights reliably give fulfillment to customers around everywhere throughout the world.

36 LED submersible light kit for ponds, aquarium, underwater, and garden.

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RGB bright LED submersible light kit for ponds, aquarium, underwater, garden, and similar occasion.. Usually used as an underwater decoration and a hideaway for fish, these low light aquarium plants do not need extra lights, specific water regulations, or even CO2 to survive.

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Among various growing conditions for aquarium plants in nature, such as substrate, nutrient salt concentration and presence of water flow to mention a few, the most important condition is light. This can be seen from the fact that no aquatic plants are distributed in deep waters where underwater light intensity is so low that plants are unable to perform photosynthesis.

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Introducing the underwater colour changing led aquarium lighting kit from Visual Heaven.
Running through corals and reefs you can now highlight elements of your tank like never before!
A fully submersible led light strip that projects a stunning visual effect and brings a radiant glow to your fish tank.
The lights produce a full spectrum of colours including; flash, fade and static colour choice. The waterproof wireless remote controls it all.
The led light strip remains cool in use without affecting water temperature. The energy saving features allow the lights to be run continuously with saving over 70% on fluorescent tube lighting.
Setting the lights up takes just a few minutes. We include all connecting cables and a UK power supply along with instructions for easy installation.
A 1 year guarantee is also provided for your peace of mind.One aspect of home aquarium management that has improved immeasurably over the last while is the underwater aquarium lighting that is now available, either on line or at a pet store, if there is one near where you live. There is no doubt that the internet is becoming the main source for accessories to make your aquarium a more interesting place for you and your fish. Very few pet stores even the largest superstores, can and want to compete with the wide selection available on line.