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This article will give you a general introduction into the three main types of saltwater tanks. When getting started with saltwater it is recommended to get the biggest tank you can accommodate. Bigger tanks give you more room for error when it comes to water quality and this is especially important for salt water fish and invertebrates. There are basically three types of saltwater aquarium setups: Fish Only, Fish Only with Live Rock - FOWLR, Reef Tanks.

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A fish is a cold-blooded, backboned, aquatic animal and there are many types of fish that live in every region of the world. Fish are harvested for their highly and for the oil that is extracted and used as a food product or as an ingredient for a wide variety of commercially prepared products. There are numerous fresh water and salt-water fish species that are harvested throughout the world. Some of these species are shown below.

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Research common types of salt water fish, including pictures of saltwater fish, at Pet University. What makes live rock so good? The porous nature of live rock means that it comes packed with all types of tiny creatures and biological organisms that aid in the nitrogen cycle. The dense, porous material inside the live rock helps rid your aquarium of nitrates. You will still need to monitor your water parameters regularly with a FOWLR aquarium and perform water changes as needed. You will also need to add supplements such as iodine, calcium, strontium, magnesium and others, to the water periodically. Live rock helps maintain stability in a FOWLR saltwater aquarium and it can become a food source for your invertebrates and your fish.

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Don’t let the naysayers scare you off the thought of putting together a saltwater aquarium. Yes, maintaining a saltwater aquarium takes a bit more effort because saltwater fish are more sensitive to changes in the water and their environmental surroundings. Plus, you’ll have to pay closer attention to the ph levels to ensure a stable and comfortable environment for all the fish. It should be noted that some species are hardier than others when it comes to changes in the water.

Once you’re up and running with a saltwater aquarium the next obvious question is what are the best saltwater aquarium fish to put in the tank? Everyone has their preferences, but listed below are my favorite types when I was a salt water aquarium fish beginner.

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