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Fish diets are specialized; some fish species eat mainly (or only) plants, meats or both. Many fish will not simply adapt to whatever kind of fish food you buy them. This isn’t just a matter of taste because digestive system of each species is designed to digest some certain types of foods. An ingredient list will place its primary components first. For carnivores, make sure that meat based proteins (from aquatic animals) come first, while herbivores should list vegetable based proteins like spirulina or soybean meal first, with no meats.

Here is a great video from detailing exactly what types of foods and how to feed your betta fish.

Fish feed at all levels of the aquarium. To ensure that mid- and bottom- fish get enough food, offer sinking foods in addition to the traditional floating types of foods. Nocturnal bottom feeders are particularly are often underfed because they are forgotten. Be sure to drop some sinking food in the tank for them just before turning the lights off for the night.

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Types of Fish Foods In this section you will find articles about different types of tropical fish food and how to feed you fish in order to ensure optimal health. Correct feeding is also very important if you want to breed fish, since certain food types or an increased amount of food can trigger spawning in many species. If you are a beginner fish keeper we recommend some of the introductory articles that describe the different types of available fish foods and how to feed your fish. You can also go to the articles library and look up your specific species in order to find more detailed information about their requirements and ideal diet. You will also find such information in the species database.

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Different tropical fish species will require different types of food. Providing your fish with a varied diet is always recommended, since a varied diet makes it easier for you fish to obtain all necessary nutrients. Keep in mind that even a predatory fish species can eat algae or plant material in the wild, and therefore slowly begin to suffer from malnutrition in an unplanted aquarium that has been vigorously scrubbed clean from algae. Herbivore fish species that feed chiefly on plant material and plankton will usually gulp down a tiny insect or some zoo plankton in the wild, something that will be hard to do when kept in captivity and feed only plant based flake food.

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