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350L turtle aquarium. Houses my four turtles now they have grown larger. I have two fluval 305s, and air stone and a water circulator to keep the tank flowing and clear of dead spots. I have slate along the bottom to hide dirt and two plants the turtles cant eat as there plastic. I have an in and out of water basking area for the turtles to go onto. I have put in a floating log for my pleco to hide. My tank houses angel fish and plecos and I have no problem with the fish and turts getting along.

3) In most fishtanks filtration is inadequate to support the addition of turtles.

Tmnt inspired fish tank. Poster came from the just released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Enter Shedder Dvd.(by Nickelodeon)
For my baby fish.

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A Jupiter was cited for illegally keeping loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings in a fish tank. Turtles have special needs when it comes to the temperature and humidity of their habitat. In a typical turtle tank, the water should remain between 72 and 77 degrees. To maintain the water temperature, you will need an underwater heater for your tank. Underwater heaters are great because they automatically maintain the optimal water temperature. As with fish tanks, the underwater heater should always be running. Be sure to have a in your tank to monitor the water temperature - you may not notice a broken heater otherwise.

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Just like fish, turtles need a clean water source. Most pet stores sell specially made for turtle tanks of different sizes. Not only will a filter keep water cleaner for longer, but it will keep your turtle healthier and happier. This doesn’t mean that you will never have to change the water in your tank; water changes should be done at least monthly, while filters should be rinsed weekly to keep the water clean. Some turtle owners change their water as frequently as every week or two weeks; if the water looks murky, your tank may need to be cleaned!

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Research what your species of turtle feeds on in natural habitat and then resemble that for your cage. It’s important that you force your turtle to eat actual food designed for them because it is full of vitamins they need. It is the with other treats and such. Try to also research nutrition to help make sure your reptile has proper health. General pet stores and even walmart sell turtle food that is getting better everyday. They have dried up worms that work descent but I suggest looking into some more natural foods. Live fish can’t be beat and it’s really not that hard to do. Most turtle owners keep live fish in their tank because they survive just fine. You will find that most turtles love live fish and having that natural protein available really benefits your turtle.Something else to consider is that turtles require dry land in order to rest, bask, and relax. Therefore your tank should have a part filled with sand or large rocks that are higher than water level. Getting a turtle ramp is also ideal as it has a suction cup that just attaches right to the side of the aquarium wall surface.  Many people who try to keep fish and turtles together in the same tank do not realize that turtles need to be able to escape from the water every now and then. If they are unable to do so, you will end up coming home to a dead turtle that has died from exhaustion.