its 265 gallons not quite big enough for a FRT

This is my favorite choice in many situations, and is the most powerful filter designed specifically for turtles. Resembling a fish canister filter in general form, it has chambers for carbon, filter pads and aerobic bacteria colonies, and is simple to clean. It is placed next to (not below) the tank, operates in as little as 2 inches of water, and can be used to create a waterfall effect. The largest model can handle tanks of up to 60 gallons in capacity.

There are four basic styles of filters used for fish and turtle tanks:

A. We carry screen tops that fit standard fish tanks, terrariums, turtle and frog food, as well as filters and lights for reptiles and amphibians.

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61 items - DHgate is the best place to make a comparison for fish tanks turtles. Compare prices on fish tanks turtles to find great deals and save big. Several months ago I saw a much larger turtle tank in a pet store. Having recently developed aninterest in setting up a larger turtle tank, I inquired. The employees knew little about the tank. Iwas told it was a "commercial" tank and would be extremely expensive to set up. It was 48inches long, an enormous, 24 inches wide, and only 18 inches high. [See Comment #1] Thetank's bottom was drilled, and it had a canister filter hidden inside the stand. The water was onlyabout 10 inches deep and there were plenty of places for turtles to haul out. Being 24 inchesbroad, it seemed ideal for turtles, unlike fish tanks that tend to be narrow and tall.

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Although there are numerous products available for pet turtles, large turtle tanks seem absentfrom the market, and one must improvise. I searched extensively on the internet for a tank of thesame dimensions. There were some available in the UK but few seemed to be available in theUnited States. The only one I could find was at . has a 95-gallon tank which is 48inches long, 24 inches wide, and 17 inches high. Significantly wider and shorter than most fishtanks of the same length. The company also makes both acrylic and glass tanks to yourspecifications. They seemed like the perfect place to start. But how should the tank bedesigned?

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The place where something lives is called its habitat. If you live in a house, then the house is your habitat. This part of the site talks about how to set up a habitat, or home, for your turtle. For most new turtle hobbyists, the easiest kind of habitat to build is in a tank, like the tanks used to keep fish, so that's what we'll be discussing. Most aquatic turtle keepers who keep their turtles indoors use aquarium tanks designed for fish. Others prefer large storage containers, others use small-sized children's wading pools, and still other people have tanks custom-designed to fit some spot in their homes. Some people even build indoor ponds for their turtles, which are really cool if you have the space -- and the money.Pebbles are a common substrate for captive aquatic environments such as fish tanks. For turtles, they're suitable only insofar as you can ensure your turtle won't potentially swallow some. They're functional as well as decorative, and they can serve as a substrate for aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles. Just be sure they are too big for him to scoop up with his mouth.Something else that makes this a great option for all turtle tanks is that it helps to oxygenate the water so your turtles can breathe comfortably. Moreover, this thing also has a great odor absorbing pad that helps to get rid of that nasty turtle smell that can develop sometimes. This is a great filter for fish tanks, turtle tanks, and other terrariums that have a very high biological load.