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An aquarium heater is a piece of aquarium equipment used to keepthe fish tank water warm - or, rather, to keep the fish tank fromgetting below a particular temperature.

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Turtles of any size housed indoors are going to require both supplemental heat as well as UVB lighting. When provided with a basking site, Red Eared Sliders do not require any water heating, except in exceptional cases, such as water temperatures dropping into the low 60s or cooler. The basking spot should reach temperatures in the mid 90s, providing your turtle with the option to thoroughly warm up before diving back into the water. There are basking bulbs custom made to withstand the splashing often produced by an active, happy turtle, such as the halogen light or the basking light. In addition to a basking light, it is highly recommended to provide UVB for your turtle as well. In smaller aquariums, a simple can be used to provide UVB throughout the cage.

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Used for water turtles. Since water turtles can break an aquarium heater, you should There are several brands of heaters available. The Ebo Jager heater is considered to be among the best. It is completely submersible, has an adjustable temperature setting knob (although it is difficult to adjust since it is surrounded by the water seal), and uses high quality, shock resistant glass. This last feature is very important - cheap heaters using thin glass tubes will not withstand the onslaught of a vigorous turtle. The Ebo Jager has its temperature setting indicated on the adjustment knob, but you should always check the temperature with a high quality aquarium thermometer, at least until you get the setting correct. Hagen has the Hagen Tronic series that also can be recommended. This series has an electronic temperature control which should be more reliable than the normal bi-metallic strip control mechanism.

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When selecting a heater for your setup, do not buy more power than you need. If the heater is too powerful for the size of the aquarium, the heater will cycle more often and will wear out sooner. It is possible, if unlikely, for the heater to fail where it is on continuously. The better heaters have a safety feature that will prevent overheating should the main thermostat fail. You should look for this feature in any heater that you buy.

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An aquarium heater will keep the water at a consistent minimum temperature. If your area gets cool at night or in the winter months, a heater is a must.The first thing you have to think about is that the heater you choose should have an outside covering made of metal or thermal-resistant plastic, not glass. This is because turtles are bigger animals than fish and they have hard shells that can break the glass tube of an aquarium heater. If that happens, your turtles will probably be electrocuted and die.The easiest way to maintain the correct water temperature in a turtle tank is by using one or more aquarium heaters. These are commonly available in pet supply stores, but you have to be careful to choose the right heater. There are two things that you have to consider.There are circumstances where it may be necessary to keep a turtle in an aquarium. These circumstances include over-wintering a sick turtle or one acquired late in the year and over-wintering exotic species that do not hibernate in their natural range. When turtles are kept in an aquarium, an aquarium heater will be required in order to maintain the turtle at a satisfactory temperature. Note that room temperature is too warm for the turtle to hibernate but may be too cold for it to properly digest its food and to maintain its health.