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There are several options available to introduce Ammonia into your aquarium. The first and most commonly used is introducing a few hardy starter fish. You will need to add 1 or 2 small tropical fish into your tank. These fish will begin producing waste (ammonia) and will give your bacteria colony a jump start.

Juwel Korall 60 Tropical Starter Fish Tank £72.99 The perfect starter aquarium for all ages

You have decided that you want to set up a tropical freshwater fish tank and get starting with the wonderful hobby keeping aquatic pets. That’s great! But you don’t know what equipment you need to prepare as well as how to properly set up a freshwater aquarium to ensure all your new fish happy and healthy. Don’t worry! this article is all you need for the process.

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Aquatic World I Aquaponics Aquarium Betta Tropical Fish Tank | Starter Aquarium My husband and I raised & bred tropical fishes for a hobby. Both of us enjoyed reading your hub. This will help people who are seriously considering to put up a fish tank. It's no easy feat to have a fish tank at the start. There's a lot of learning to do asides from which breed goes with what; there are other things to consider like plants and stones and woods and sand and other decors. It might be a hobby but just like any pet, a fish tank requires responsibility, too.

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Can definitely concur cloud minnows are a great cold water starter fish we have had ours for a couple of months we have 5 in a smallish tank, gravel, filter and air pump with a plastic plant and a few rocks and they seem very happy and so far easy to care for, we change top level every couple of weeks and longer for more water and use gravel pump cleaner and tank and fish seems healthy so hopefully we are doing it right. They look great on the evening with the light on the tank as they are nicely coloured so keeps my son happy ande as I don’t need to upgrade to a tropical tank

A heated tank allows you to keep a wider variety of tropical fish.

Juwel Korall 60 Tropical Starter Fish Tank £72.99 The perfect starter aquarium for all ages! The Korall aquariums provide great value for money. They come READY TO USE supplied with low energy fluorescent lighting,heating, pump and filtration included in the cleverly designed (and hidden) corner housing. which enhances the look of your fish aquarium and makes maintenance simple. colour Black Volume approx. 54 litres.
Gives a list of some of the more hardy tropical fish to start with. These tropical fish can withstand a wide range of water parameters and are easy to care for.