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Earthworms and Redworms are other popular sources of food for tropical fish. These are easy to rear, but are also high in fat content. They are very popular among some fish varieties like the Cichlids.

earth worms - Tropical Fish Keeping - Aquarium fish care and resources

As all anglers know, a worm on your hook is often good bait. Of course, it is also good tropical fish food. Worms suitable as food for tropical fish include Black Worms, Tubifex worms, White worms, and the traditional anglers favorite: earth worms. Tubifex Worms can sometimes carry diseases, so for many tropical fish, should be avoided. Tubifex are also very fat so they should only be used with large moderation.

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May dry worms under heat lamps and grind and package them for sale as tropical fish food Roundworms (also called nematodes) may also be found inside aquarium fish. They have complex indirect life cycles, and fish can serve as both intermediate and final hosts. Nematodes can cause problems to tropical fish (and also to humans who become infected by eating raw or poorly prepared fish). Roundworms are reddish-brown in color and vary in size. In severe infections, they may be seen protruding from the vent. Nematodes can be found in the digestive system, swim bladder and body cavity.

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Breeds and raises earthworms for sale as fishing bait, garden soil conditioners, and food forexotic fish and animals: Mixes sand, loam, and organic materials to make growing media for worms,fills growing tubs with media and adds water. Plants mature worms in growing media for breedingstock, spreads food materials over surface of media and covers it with burlap. Inspects food supplyand moisture of growing media and adds water and food to maintain optimum breeding conditions forworms. Shovels worm-laden media onto screen and shakes screen to remove worms. Places specifiednumber of worms into sales container and scoops required amount of growing media into container tosustain worms. Sells earthworms to buyers. May dry worms under heat lamps and grind and package themfor sale as tropical fish food.

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How to raise whiteworms to feed to tropical fish. The method gives a huge supply on a continuing basis. Gut loaded for maximum nutrition for your fishCalifornia Blackworms (Lumbriculus Variegatus), most commonly referred to as just blackworms, are a popular tropical fish food. In addition to them to my betta fish, I have used them as the primary food for my Dwarf Puffers and Gouramis. These worms are fed live and while they can be impossible to find at large chain pet stores like PetCo and Petsmart, they are often sold at smaller private fish stores or purchased online.