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Currently the Maria Mitchell Aquarium houses four different types of tropical orphaned fish: buffalo trunkfish, permits, flying gurnard, and doctorfish tang. These fish were all caught near Madaket and will live out the rest of their lives at the Aquarium. Tropical fish are often brightly colored for camouflage or to attract a mate. The buffalo trunkfish (pictured) is the only one of its type at the aquarium. A tiny puffer-looking fish, with electric blue eyes, the buffalo trunk fish is kept in it’s own tank because of the fish’s lethal defense mechanism: when stressed out, the buffalo trunkfish will secrete a toxin that kills everything within its tank (except for those of its own species). The doctorfish tang has its own menacing story—named for its sharp scalpel like barbs at the base of its caudal fin, the doctor fish uses it for competition and defense. Permits have a plate-like grinder in the back of their mouths that aid the consumption of bivalves (or shellfish), which sounds like medieval torture, but is a practical tool integral to the fish’s survival. Although the tropical fish seem to be able to defend themselves against predators, they are unable to protect themselves against the forces of the Gulf Stream.

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Every people have the different hobbies. One hobby that is interesting is collecting animals. Sometimes, fish also can be used for pets. Furthermore, there are several types of fishes. There are saltwater and freshwater fishes. Both of them have the different species. The tropical freshwater species is various. When you are looking for one, you may choose the beautiful and unique type. However, for beginners, there are several types of tropical fish that you can keep in an aquarium. This species is very easy to find and are kept even if you are not expert in the Aquarium.

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Tropical Fish Types Before purchasing ,, buyers must decide if they want freshwater, marine, or brackish tropical fish. These three types of tropical fish each live in separate aquatic ecosystems. Differing water condition requirements means they cannot all live together in the same aquarium. The aquarium ecosystem will need to be tailored to the particular species of fish it will house. The following descriptions will help first-time buyers choose which type of aquarium habitat to build.

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Please read the article below to ensure you fully understand the difference between these two types of freshwater aquarium fish. Below you will find all the information you will need to know before you purchase Wild or Tank raised tropical fish.

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Zebra Danios are surface dwellers and a peaceful schooling fish. Zebra fish are very active, lively and hardy. An excellent addition to any tropical aquarium because they are never shy, always visible and they feature a beautiful shimmering silver color that gives life to the aquarium. Zebra Danios are one of the best freshwater fish for starting out an aquarium. Zebra Danios are best kept in schools of 4 or more. When kept alone, they tend to be shy and nervous and get easily stressed out. Zebra Danios will school with other types of danios (leopard danios and spotted danios for example).Some of the most popular types of freshwater tropical fish kept in the United States include angels, cichlids, rainbows, tetras, plecos, livebearers, bettas and gouramis.