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The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute has released the first completely portable bilingual species identification guide for the shore fishes of the tropical Eastern Pacific as a free iPhone application. Unique fish-finding, list-making tools and range maps make the app a powerful tool for scientists, divers and tour guides and a model for future phone-based field guides.

Jun 2, 2014 - The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Tropical Fish Species Guide by Kevin Wilson ..

Freshwater, marine, and brackish tropical fish all require specific aquarium conditions to thrive. The following chart outlines general temperature and water chemistry guidelines for each type.

Whats That Fish!: Tropical Fish Identification Made Easy

Learn about your tropical fish the easy way with full colour fish profiles, vital stats, compatibility advice, feeding requirements and more... Species Guide is the essential guide to finding out more about your fish, what fish to buy, what fish are compatible with what species, feeding requirements and all the common questions you would ask at an aquatic store when you buy your fish. This book explores Whether you have just bought your first aquarium or have been running one for a while, this book will provide you with a firm grasp of the underpinning foundations and equip you with the knowledge needed to choose and house your favourite fish for an aquarium with minimal issues. It is our hope that fish keeping will bring you as much fun and enjoyment as it has brought us over the years.

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It’s never a good idea to overcrowd a fish tank. For this reason, buyers are cautioned against adding too many fish to the tank at one time. Before introducing new tropical fish, steps should be taken to acclimate them to their new home. This will ensure a stress-free experience for the buyer and the fish. This guide outlines several do’s and don’ts to aid in the tropical fish buying process. Fish enthusiasts can find tropical fish for sale in pet shops and speciality aquarium stores. There are also many tropical fish available through Internet vendors and online auctions sites like eBay.

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