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Feeding my tropical fish live brineshrimp and glassworms. This is recommended to maintain the health of your fish and also to give them a balanced diet. The fish: angelfish platies pearl gourami’s german ram cichlid’s pentazona barbs cardinal tetra glowlight tetra black neon tetra rummy nose tetra hatchet fish celebes rainbowfish threadfin rainbowfish ottoniculus catfish yamato shrimp

These are some of the live food critters I culture to feed to my tropical fish

Although I feel live foods are an important part of breeding and raising tropical fish, I am not a fanatic about it. I also feed my fish commercial dry food. I do this in part as a supplement to live foods, partially because I don't always have time to feed anything else, but also because I don't always know who will be getting my fish. I sometimes get killies that won't eat dry food. If fry are given dry food early in their lives they will accept it as adults.


FEEDING MY TROPICAL FISH LIVE BRINESHRIMP AND GLASSWORMS In this section you will find articles about different types of tropical fish food and how to feed you fish in order to ensure optimal health. Correct feeding is also very important if you want to breed fish, since certain food types or an increased amount of food can trigger spawning in many species. If you are a beginner fish keeper we recommend some of the introductory articles that describe the different types of available fish foods and how to feed your fish. You can also go to the articles library and look up your specific species in order to find more detailed information about their requirements and ideal diet. You will also find such information in the species database.

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Many young tropical fish will only eat the food fed to them if that food is moving. As soon as the baby brine shrimps are hatched, stop the aeration process inside the tank by unplugging the pump, allow the baby brine shrimp immediately to settle, siphon them out, place them in a net, and then feed them directly to the baby tropical fish by pouring into their tank.

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Feeding your tropical fish is one of the most important steps in ensuring their overall health. You’ll want to choose a high-quality tropical fish food, not just any old can of fish flakes.Remember that the first ingredient listed on the food is the primary ingredient. In nature, fish eat other fish. Choose a fish food that is as close to natural as possible. Some fish foods include cornmeal as the first ingredients; this is unnatural for a tropical fish. The best quality foods use whole fish. Poor quality foods include beef products, which are not easily digestible by fish. Feeding your fish poor quality foods will increase the amount of waste in the tank, reducing the water quality. If you are choosing dry food for your tropical fish, find a food with a comparatively low fat content. Like people, fish should not consume a large amount of fat.