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With more than 27 years of successful operation as an independently owned store in a world dominated by the big chain stores, Bob's Tropical Fish is the ultimate destination for freshwater, saltwater and pond fish, aquariums, aquarium supplies and equipment, fish foods and medications and pond supplies and equipment. In addition to carrying the premiere brands in the industry, Bob's friendly staff has more than 200 years experience with tropical and pond fish and staff members are constantly taught the latest in fish care and technology by store founder Bob Hockman.

Go Fish! Tropical offers new and used equipment. They've bought out several old pet stores to provide lower-priced goods.

In our shop you will find everything needed for successful fish-keeping and breeding! We specialise in ornamental and unusual tropical fish, as well as the tanks, equipment, food, plants, and plant nutrients needed to keep your fish happy and healthy and your tanks beautiful!

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Tropical Fish, and Equipment for sale in Peterborough/Huntingdon Area has 1615 members One of the best ways to ensure yourself a successful tank later on is to get off to a good start. The initial preparation of (and later the maintenance of) the tank is a hobbyist's gateway to creating a strong foundation for his aquarium. By providing all of the equipment a healthy aquarium requires, faithfully maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness in the tank, and paying close attention to everything that goes on in the tank in case a problem arises, any hobbyist should be able to cultivate a beautiful tank full of healthy fish.

The initial setup and continuing maintenance of a tank can be a challenging task, but it is well worth the effort. The information in this section of our website will help you chooise the equipment you will need to set up a tank, the tasks involved in tank maintenance, and a list of materials often used in successful tanks.

As always, the friendly and knowledgeable staff members at Bob's Tropical Fish invite you to come in anytime to discuss your aquarium needs.

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Welcome to the internet home of the San Diego Tropical Fish Society (SDTFS), the oldest and most active fish and aquarium club in San Diego. We have with interesting programs and speakers, mini-auctions, bowl shows, and a raffle with lots of great prizes. In addition, we have an annual show, large semi-annual auctions of fish, plants, and equipment, and monthly or . We have club members interested in discus, guppies, bettas, angelfish, koi, African cichlids, goldfish, aquatic plants, and all aspects of freshwater and marine fish keeping. Members are invited to write articles to be published on the website, and can be found .

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