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The beautiful Malawi Cichlid Haps often display bright colors, iridescents, or striking patterns. Many are only surpassed in beauty by the most magnificent specimens of marine tropical fishes.

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Neolamprologus caudopuntatus is a little cichlid endemic to (found only in) Lake Tanganyika in Africa, and it is so little known among tropical fish hobbyists that it doesn’t have a popular name. That’s because it is mainly kept by cichlid specialists, and such folk are so far gone and have become so used to scientific names that they seldom try to come up with popular names. Nevertheless, this is an excellent cichlid for the community tank of small fish species. It is nearly as good a pick as the ram except for a few drawbacks. The ram is nearly perfect because it is small, reaching 2 inches at the most, and this species is of similar size. However, it moves a little quicker and is less forgiving when guarding fry. And then there is the matter of color. If you thought the ram was subdued compared to some of the brighter tetras, this species can seem nearly colorless. In spite of that, it is elegant in appearance, as it does have delicate shades of color and its dorsal fin sports a red margin at the top.

Tropical Fish for Freshwater Aquariums: Yellow Peacock Cichlid

Have you ever wondered why so many tropical fish stores have so many tanks full of cichlids? Electric yellow cichlids? I think what you have are yellow pseudotropheus cichlids from Lake Malawi in Africa. Do a search, and see if this is what they look like. African Cichlids are very territorial. These guys are among the most docile; however, don't be surprised if they pair up and stake out territory. If they do, they will likely kill your other fish. It is generally OK to mix various African Cichlids together. It is usually a big no-no to mix them with other tropicals. They need very alkaline water (pH of 8.0 or above), and they need a high veggie diet. I suspect that you bought these at a a big box store. No privately owned fish store would sell these to you without explaining their behavior and care. If you want to keep these and your other fish alive, educate yourself by going online. YouTube has lots of videos on fish behavior and care.

Tropical Fish for Freshwater Aquariums: Black Convict Cichlid

Im with her, maybe offer a variety of different foods, in my community of angels, gouramis, and rams (dwarf central american cichlids), and three baby keyhole cichlids. They have a staple of tropical granules (meat based), veggie based flakes, an algae wafer every day, and for meat supplements I use a frozen bloodworm,brine&mysis shrimp, daphnia blend, and once a week I will buy two-three ghost shrimp or cherry shrimp which takes away from fry and smaller fish. My cherry barbs (neon tretra size)do hold their own thankfully, but I got them all small so they never really saw them as a food source. Variety gives them fulfilled nutrition and also conditions for mating. I would recommend purchasing a book just on kribs, I have a book for every species so I have it at hand, its always great too humble yourself and teach yourself more. Good luck, they also may not be old enough yet.

Tropical Fish for Freshwater Aquariums: Yellowfin Borleyi Cichlid