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Biologists working on reef fish aquaculture often refer to the challenges of breeding and rearing tropical reef fishes as “cracking the code.” Once the code is cracked for a species, it can be shared with those who have a commercial interest in breeding it.

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explains that there are many types of breeding methods used in a commercial pond fish farm and very specialized methods and equipment used to produce the millions of fry needed to supply the never ending demand for high quality, healthy tropical fish for the home aquarium.

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tropical fish breeding One benefit of female Bettas is that, besides not being prone to bully other fish, they have shorter fins than their male counterparts. This makes the females of this colorful, slow-cruising, surface-breathing species less prone to being nipped by other fish (as Bill mentioned, above, as an issue he has
encountered when keeping Bettas with other tropical fish) than male Bettas.

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• Paradise Fish (). A cool water tropical ideally suited for the water garden and used by some lily growers year-round for mosquito control. Will flock breed readily in a 20 gallon (76 liter) tub. The orangey albino strain is nearly blind, and can be picked up in a cupped hand of water. Minimum maintenance temp 10C/50F.

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About 11 million tropical fish, some wild and some captive-bred, comprising about 1,800 species are to the U.S. each year. Many are collected from the reefs of Hawaii and Florida and are bred domestically too.Another possible downside? The accidental release of nonnative species. “It’s crucial to reduce the demand for wild-caught tropical aquarium fish, as well as to move away from more destructive collection practices,” says Nicholas Whipps, a legal fellow at the Arizona-based Center for Biological Diversity, an environmental protection organization. “But it matters how captive breeding might be done in the future."This tropical fish e-book contains 7 chapters that will guide you from aquarium set up and fish selecting all the way through proper aquarium maintenance, fish feeding, problem solving and basic fish breeding. The e-book comprises a little less than a hundred pages and is no larger than 550 KB, but still a rich source of detailed guidelines, clear explanations and valuable facts and about the aquarium and its inhabitants.Before buying tropical fish, it’s advantageous to learn about their differing habitats and aquarium requirements. Exploring various species may help buyers decide which type they’d like to own. By researching vendors and breeders, people can feel confident their new fish will be happy and healthy.