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Many believe that you do not need to have a fish tank air pump in your tropical fish tank setup. While they are many who never use them and have great success, I will say that I still use them in certain tanks and in certain situations.

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Vibrating hobby pumps are the most common in the hobby simply because most hobbyist do not need a large piston pump. A vibrating aquarium air pump will be what you need if you simply want to add one or two air lines to your tropical fish aquarium.

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Do I need an air pump in my 35 gallon tall tank? - Tropical Fish Keeping An aquarium air pump is used to introduce oxygen into your aquarium water. This not only benefits your tropical fish, but also the beneficial bacteria that are needed to fulfill the biological filtration in your aquarium tank.

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Air pumps introduce oxygen into our tropical fish tanks through airline tubing and airstones. This increased oxygen in the form of air bubbles release carbon dioxide from the aquarium water. The increased oxygen benefits all aspects of your home aquarium. Live plants, beneficial bacteria, and your tropical fish will thrive with high oxygen levels in their water.

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Air pumps are not an absolute requirement for a tropical fish aquarium, but they do have many uses. Simplicity is what to keep in mind with this useful piece of aquarium equipment.When medicating and treating sick fish, one of the most common practices used today is the heat and salt treatment. When we in the hobby raise the temperature in our tropical fish tanks it decreases the level of oxygen in the aquarium water. Using an aquarium air pump is vital to ensure oxygen is reintroduced back into the water column and help aid the healing process of your sick fish.