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Of course, pirates love hidden treasures! The color and detail of this Exotic Sunken Treasure Chest are simply stunning and would really make a pirate drool. Having this ornament will make your tank a pirate’s dream. What’s more, fish loves to swim over the bubbles, as if staying on guard from treasure hunters!

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In conclusion, ultimately deciding which Treasure Chest bubbler is right for you, your fish, and your tank setup can seem like a daunting task at first...my best advice is to remember to ...have fun with it....and remember that ultimately you make the best choice that will provide satisfaction, enjoyment excitement for years to come. And what it's all about.

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Whitelotous Aquarium Fish Tank Treasure Chest Ornament Air Action Spectra Bubble Decoration Decorating your tank with a specific theme can help set off other decorations in your room or reflect your personality. To create a themed environment, you must purchase at least some fake or novelty items to help you pull off the look, but you can mix them with live plants or coral, for example. This might include a sunken pirate ship with a separate treasure chest bubbler, fake fish predators such as octopi or sharks hidden among the driftwood, or a children's theme such as cartoon animals. The fish won't care if the decorations are authentic, fun or cheesy, but they'll enjoy swimming through holes in the decorations and hiding behind them.

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Bubbles is a hyperactive yellow tang fish. He has a peculiar obsession over the bubbles that come out of a small treasure chest decoration in the fish tank; hence his name. He eventually escapes with the rest of the into the ocean. During the credits, Bubbles notices some bubbles that appear at one end of the screen and chases after them.

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Pirate themed fish tank. Setup uses some store bought decorations and gifts. The treasure chest was a first attempt a making a bubbler by modification.The periscope-like device is poised to turn Nemo into man’s new best friend… if your fish takes the bait. The best-case scenario plays out like this: You set Bloop on the bottom of your fish tank, preferably away from that mechanical treasure chest toy or turreted castle — you’re gonna want to give your gilled friend some space. Then, squeeze the trigger to shoot glorious rings of bubbles into the tank, and watch your fish bullseye through each one. High fin, buddy!Well, not exactly. You can probably picture that treasure chest held open by the air bubbles pumping through a fish tank. It’s a classic image of an aquarium air pump in action. If it’s hard to imagine a tank without one, an aquarium air pump must be necessary.