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Ahh, . Definitely a personal favourite. Although it can take this plant a while to get going in terms of growth, it’s unstoppable once it does! Java fern can survive in almost any aquarium, as it doesn’t require much light or specific water values, and is left alone even by plant-eating fish like goldfish. The only thing it needs to be able to grow into a nice, thick forest is for its roots not to be planted in the substrate; it prefers to be tied to a rock or driftwood.

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Ecotype, ecotope, or aquaria is another type based on species selection. In it, an aquarist attempts to simulate a specific natural ecosystem, assembling fish, invertebrate species, plants, decorations and water conditions all found in that ecosystem. These biotope aquaria are the most sophisticated hobby aquaria; public aquaria use this approach whenever possible. This approach best simulates the experience of observing in the wild. It typically serves as the healthiest possible artificial environment for the tank's occupants.

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Hoods are low profile, complete aquarium top covers . They will help keep fish, and heat in. They will restrict plant growth to the water only. The beauty of a thriving planted aquarium is undeniable; it is like an exotic slice of nature in your living room. Many people shy away from advancing to a live planted aquarium because they think it is too difficult. Some folks have tried, and failed, and decided that live plants are not for them. Whatever the cause for not keeping live plants may be, the truth is that keeping live plants can be easy with a little guidance to help your chances of success. There are a wide variety of easy to keep aquarium plants available, here are my top ten. I have separated these into two groups, with smaller plants listed as foreground plants, which are also well suited for shorter aquariums. The second group is for mid-ground and background plants, which will work well, planted behind foreground plants, and can be incorporated into taller aquariums.

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If you have an aquarium chances are that you probably have some plants in there. Sure, we all know that plants make a good addition to any aquarium, but we are going to guess that most people only used plants that are grounded in the substrate or grow off of the rocks and wood in your aquarium. What you may not know is that there are also floating plants that you can put in your aquarium but what are the best floating aquarium plants? Let's look at our top 6 and why we like them.

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Looking for the best substrate for planted tank? we have narrowed it down to 6 top options that are very effective which we highly recommend. Keeping reading for a detailed write up on each covering all you need to know about substrate and why you need to use it in your aquarium. Amazon Frogbits are more or less a cluster of floating leaves. They are green and circular in shape. These are some really nifty plants to have in bright indoor aquariums or in sunny outdoor aquariums because the way they float on top of the water helps to provide shade for your fish. ...and then I discovered the world of floating aquarium plants and all my designs changed to accommodate them. They just make everything seem better, more natural, that top quarter of my aquarium never looked empty after putting in the floating plants.Their long branching roots make ideal nurseries and hiding places for many species of fish, these roots aid in the artistic and natural look of an aquarium, adding something into that top third of the aquarium that's often very difficult to make appealing.