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Get your rocks/sticks and live plants going in the aquarium with water and filter and lights all working, then leave it running for a full month before you add any fish. That gives the tank some time to “cycle” — build up the “helper” bacteria that make it possible to keep fish in such a tiny place.

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A tiny little snail working its way up the stem of one of your aquarium plants might be cute now, but a few days or weeks from now that one snail could turn into dozens more. Before you know it, the snails in your tank might outnumber your fish and they can become an unsightly nuisance. Some aquarium snails can be beneficial in the aquarium, but the ones that enter your tank accidentally generally are not.

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Jul 14, 2013 - Aqua zoo: Tiny Aquarium, Lots of interesting facts and fish Many of the better pet stores will not even stock an aquarium underten gallons, and even more will try to discourage people from buyingthese tiny fish tanks since they are so difficult to care for and solikely to result in failure, frustration, and disappointment. Good petshops want their aquarium customers to be happy with their new fishtanks, and will encourage the customer to buy a more appropriatebeginner aquarium.

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It is interesting that one manufacturer of tiny, high maintenanceaquariums recommends that you need at least a 6 gallon aquarium tokeep any fish at all. This leads to the obvious question of why theywould sell a tank that is only three gallons with instructions thatsay (though indirectly) that you will need a tank at least twice thesize of the one they're selling you if you want to keep fish... Eventheir own recommendations actually tell you to get a largertank...

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Bettas are often marketed as suitable for tiny unfiltered bowls and vases, which they’re unfortunately not. However, that does not mean they’re not a great choice for small setups. Heated, filtered aquariums of at least 5 gallons (20L) make a great single-fish setup for Betta splendens. They naturally occur in waters with dense vegetation, so consider live plants to imitate the natural habitat and provide your betta with a place to hide.The stone catfish is very peaceful and will do well with nearly every micro species on this list. It can be housed alone, but will do better in small groups. The stone catfish would do best in an aquarium with plenty of hiding place, softer substrate, driftwood or almond leaves. Water quality is imperative to this tiny fish and must be kept stable, clean, and well oxygenated. The stone catfish is nocturnal so it’s best to feed after the tank lights go out.