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The Zoo Med Aquatic Pleco Banquet Block is a time-release food block made especially for Suckermouth-type Catfish. Made with algae and wood fiber necessary for the long-term health of your aquarium fish, this slow-release block is great as a vacation feeder.

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Time release fish food blocks are an ingenious and inexpensive way to feed fish while you're out of town if you don't have an automatic fish feeder - some last the weekend, a whole week or even up to 2 weeks! Time release fish food blocks contain quality fish foods (sometimes with additional treats); they even clarify your water as they slowly dissolve, releasing fish food at regular intervals. Most require proper water pH, temperature, and circulation to dissolve correctly (all of which you need anyway), so test your water before you leave.

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I say either buy an automatic fish feeder (one set for time release) or just not feed them at all.. With its adjustable slider, you can set the size of the portion. There’s also a manual release button so you can feed your fish outside the preprogrammed times. The drum is also designed not to stop even if the feed slot is in a downward position. And that's transparent as well, so you know just how much food is left inside. With the integrated fan and ventilation system, the food inside is kept dry.

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Its drum can hold up to 100 ml food and you can use it to feed not only fish but also frogs, turtles and newts. To set the amount of food released you can set the slider, but you are not limited to use it only for set times. With a manual release button you can feed your fish anytime you want.

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If you just can't stand the thought of your fish not eating for the amount of time you'll be gone, invest in an automatic fish feeder. These fish food dispensers are relatively inexpensive and they can actually be put into full time use, even when you are at home. You can fill them with a mix of tropical fish flakes (or other flake or pellet foods, depending on the fish you keep) and it should be several weeks before you need to refill the food container. Most are fully adjustable (you can release as little or as much food as allowed), operate on batteries and will easily attach to the top of the tank.The offers two feeding schedules per day, and is compatible with most fish foods including pellets, flakes, and freeze-dried food. Users are able to adjust the amount of food dispensed in each feeding. The unit includes a manual function setting with memory mode for time-release feeding. This unit is entirely battery powered.