How to Make Your Fish Tank Look Professionally Designed: 14 Steps

Hiya guys need some help, I’ve got a 75L tank and I want to put a Beta fish in there, but I think the filter is way to powerful. I know they don’t like a lot of current and I’m wondering what the best way is to reduce the current flow? I have a control of the air intake pipe but it doesn’t seem to have any affect? Is there anything I can do with that?

No more than 1 large or 5 small fish should be put into the tank within a week period.

Hey, I was wondering if I could put some sort of small bottom feeder with my betta in a 1-2 gallon tank? My betta is not agressive at its reflection and ive only seen him flare like 2 times since I got him (3 weeks ago) Or if there is any fish that my betta would allow in its tank. I might end up getting a new tank for him so I can add friendly fish to keep him entertained while im in school. If there is anything I can put in a 1-5 gallon tank for him, please let me know

How to Make Your Fish Tank Look Professionally Designed

Oct 5, 2013 - A few things to avoid –. Plant pots – there has been a small craze of putting terracotta plant pots in fish tanks. This has led to many fish injuries! I just wanted to say that I think that in my (very short) experience the overall advice or lack of it has been quite poor and the info given out has been extremely varied even when coming from ‘reputable sources’ of modern books and pet shops. I just don’t understand way goldfish are sold at all to people unless they have a pond as it seems from further reading that this the only proper way to keep them. I also don’t know if I should try and bring some of the fish back to the shop as they had them in much more cramped conditions than the tank they are currently in.

You should occasionally put some fish food in the empty tank

The fish at the pet stores are usually in overcrowded tanks. To combat this they usually have high powered filters with a high flow rate. In addition to this they will usually do a water change of 25% a day or two before new fish arive, and another water change 2-3 days after the new fish have been put in the tank. This all means that for a short wile they can get away with way too many fish for the tank size. Also before this becomes a problem for the fish they get sold.

The stand is something for you to put your tank on.