ADA Nature Aquarium Aquascape | The Green Machine

This 150 x 150 x 75 cm Nature Aquarium by professional aquascaper James Findley is growing in beautifully - it is definitely one of the most stunning works we have ever had on display.

Many thanks to James Findley, the creator of Nature's Chaos and founder of The Green Machine - the aquascape is a true testament to his skill and artistic ability.

You can see more of James' iconic work in our Aquatics Gallery.

Aponogeton crispus 'Red', buy Tropica aquarium plants at The Green Machine

Planted Pico Aquarium by The Green Machine. I personally don’t like keeping anything except for small fry in such a small tank but it’s definitely nice to look at.

ADA Nature Aquarium Aquascape | The Green Machine

ADA Tourmaline BC - Buy Aqua Design Amano Aquarium Fertilizer | The Green Machine
AA Aquarium claims that their is easy to install, simple to use and that it will kill suspended algae, pathogens and harmful bacteria in an aquarium. They dub their product “The Green Killing Machine.”

ADA Nature Aquarium Aquascape | The Green Machine

2013/6/26 update:

Thank you all who have helped us reached 100,000 views on this video together with over 1/4 million Green Killing Machines sold. As a token of our appreciation, please visit our Facebook page ( ) Like and Share our post on this video for a chance to WIN a Free 9W Green Killing Machine. We will randomly select THREE lucky friends on July 15th. Good Luck !
AA Internal UV Sterilizer for aquarium

Instruction Manuals (Just select your model number):

Nano Nature Aquarium Image by James Findley, The Green Machine

Measuring a huge 305cm x 61cm x 61cm, James has created another stunning Nature Aquarium in store at The Green Machine.

This video shows footage shot at 1 year into the life of 'Reciprocity'. You can see this aquascape being created in our 40 minute long 'making of' documentary here:

As always, it's best to see it for yourself, but because we know that not everyone can travel to see us, we've created these videos. We hope you like them!

You can see more of James' iconic work throughout our website in our Aquascape Journal section and our Aquatics Gallery.

Another shallow display aquarium for The Green Machine created by James Findley. Full Setup Specifications and step by step photo journal here:

Aquarium: ADA Cube Garden 120-F: 120W x 30D x 20H cm

This nature aquarium show the dramatic effect that can be achieved using a minimal number of plant species- three in this case.