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While maintenance level and bio filtering capability varies, canister filters are often the best rated so you would be better off with one of these – regardless of the aquarium or pond size.

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Do you have a large tank? A canister filter could be best for you because they are powerful and can filter large amounts of water quickly. They offer some of the best mechanical filtration. Canister filters that don’t have a biowheel are safe for freshwater planted aquariums because they won’t disturb the carbon dioxide that the plants require. If you use an additional biological filter, they’re a great choice for saltwater and reef aquariums. They also have the added benefit of being aesthetically pleasing since they’re out of sight under the aquarium. Some of the best aquarium filters in the canister filtration category include:

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Do you think they deserve to be labeled as the Best Freshwater Aquarium Filter System? However I would caution potential SunSun, Grech, Perfect, or similar Canister Filter buyers that there are some flaws in the return and intake piping, and unfortunately almost all retailers of this filter are not aware of this and do not provide the retrofit of this problem. As well these come standard with almost no filter media, while the AAP upgrade models has more filter media including higher bio capacity (both aerobic & anaerobic) Volcanic Rock.
As well, most as ordered from the factory are not fully equipped and are supplied with a low cost, low output medium pressure UV lamp that has 1/4 the output of the better HO low pressure UV lamps that the AAP/SunSun models include.
I strongly suggest avoiding the Amazon, eBay, and other retailers that do not make this correction and instead sell an inferior version of what is otherwise one of the best economy aquarium canister filters for the price once this correction is made and all media is included along with the better UV lamps.

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Canister filters are still one of the best choices for a filter for fresh water aquariums over 100 gallons, especially when well maintained with regular rinses in de-chlorinated water (including foam and ceramic media).

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By understanding the benefits and features of the have to offer, a consumer will be able to determine the best aquarium filter for their needs. As with many of the models listed below in our chart, there are smaller and larger versions of each that would qualify for your filtration needs. Once you found the brand and type of filter you like, be sure to dig further within the page to find the other sizes provided.Looking for the best aquarium filter? we have got you covered! we reviewed the top 11 options currently available with all you need to know to help you decide which is right for you.