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I have 6 tetras and I have noticed today they have white spots on them, I read in the previous comments that it’s ick and that I need to move the ones with it to a different tank and I have, but how do I raise the temperature slowly because my other tank doesn’t have a heater, I’m worried because 5 of them have it and I am going to get some medicine for them tomorrow but what kind do I get? And how long will my fish last if I don’t get the medicne to them right away?
Much, much appreciated!! -Sarah

Strawberry Tetra Fish! Awe! A lil friend for my Abraham-a-fish... mmm-maybe...

The Glowlight Tetra is best kept in slightly soft and acidic water, yet it is quite resilient and can handle some changes in water parameters. Just like other Tetras, this type prefers a lot of driftwood, , and where it can hide under. They also eat many of the same foods that all of the previous Tetra fish eat.

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Strawberry Tetra Fish! Awe! A lil friend for my Abraham-a-fish... mmm-maybe... The Diamond Tetra is a stockily-built tetra species with a laterally-compressed body. This fish will reach about 2 1/3 inches (6 cm) in length and has a lifespan of about 3 to 6 years in the aquarium. Its attractive, silvery-violet scales feature green and gold or orange iridescents, giving this fish a sparkling appearance. This 'diamond' effect develops as it matures, so while a juvenile, it is rather unremarkable. The Diamond Tetra's eye has a red spot on top.

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To get the best out of this fish, set up a biotype tank. For the substrate, use a river sand with some drift wood and twisted roots. Add some dried leaves to the tan, which will stain the water a light brown, and replace the leaves every few weeks. Using dim lighting will develop the tetras' coloring to best effect.

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There are over 700 known species of tetras. The tetras range from the super small (glowlight tetra) to the super large. (pacu). The smaller tetras are the mainstays of the fishkeeping hobby and still enjoy great popularity with hobbyists.Peaceful and timid Neon Tetras integrate best into aquariums inhabited by other non-aggressive species that are roughly the same size. They should not cohabitate with bigger, aggressive fish that may bully or eat them.Although Neon Tetras typically integrate successfully into community aquariums, dramatic changes in the environment can be hazardous to the colorful fish. It’s important for new owners to set up an ideal environment for their new tank-dwellers and consider the types of fish already living in the aquarium.Healthy Neon Tetras can live to the age of 10 or even longer in captivity. Establishing an aquarium that mimics their natural habitat, creating a social environment with other Neon Tetras and keeping them away from larger, bullying fish provide the best possible conditions for a long life.