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I have had 4 neon tetras for about 8 months. Everybody seemed to be doing pretty well. Two days ago I moved one fish, which seemed to have an enlarged body, into a separate, adjacent bowl. All 4 fish were clearly distressed about the change on the first day, but then things seemed to calm down. Today, I found all 3 of the tetras in the main tank dead against the filter. The isolated tetra appears sound. Is is possible that the stress of removing one fish killed the others? Food has not changed.

Tetras are active and lively fish that are enjoyable to watch. They are peaceful, hardy and make a wonderful addition to a community tank.

There are also instances where your Tetras simply sink to the bottom of the aquarium without having the ability to raise themselves. There are also cases when Neon Tetras float at the surface and are unable to swim further down the tank. There are also cases when fishes swim upside down due to severe health problems.

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I have a 10 gallon tank and thinking about getting 6 neon tetras with 1-2 Cory catfish. Do you think that this would be alright??? I set up my tank they way it was directed, this was a couple of hours ago. I had a little house in it at first but i noticed there wasn’t as much room for my two tetra fish to swim. So i took it out. The tank does have an LED light. I am wondering if that is what is causing their tank shock because they are restless at the bottom just in the same spot. I really do not want them to die. What is the best solution? Should I turn off the LED light maybe?

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I started by 55 gallon tank in July after month of maturing, added 5 neons, 5 black tetras and 3 blood line tetras. They did fine, 6 weeks later added Angel fish and 2 small plecostamus they did fine. Two weeks ago, found plecostamus dead. My daughter felt bad for me and went to another fish store bought another plecostamus and 6 glofish, she was told by the store that they would be fine with the fish I have. I have lost all but three glofish and 3 black tetras begining a week after, one at a time, the older fish going first. I started changing out 25% of water and this didn’t seem to help. I am heartsick and don’t know what to do from here on out. How do I rebuild the tank?

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The cardinal tetra prefers water slightly on the acidic side and for best results you'll want to acclimate them very slowly to your tank. Slowly mix in a little water from your tank to the bag they came in over a period of an hour or more. They can be very sensitive to dramatic changes in water chemistry (especially pH). Though these Cardinal Tetras should fare well if properly acclimated, this is not the fish to add to a new aquarium. Make sure that your tank has completed the aquarium nitrogen cycle. Give the Cardinal Tetra a tank with low light levels and lots of aquarium plants.It's always a good idea to keep your new glowlight tetras in a quarantine tank for a few weeks for monitoring before introducing them into your main tank. Many of the Glow-light tetras available are now being farm raised but this fish can still be sensitive to fluctuations in pH and temperature. You may want to take a little longer when acclimating them to your tank water. Take an hour (instead of 15 minutes) and slowly add small amounts of tank water to the bag every 10 minutes or so.