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The Bloodfin Tetra is a mainstay of the freshwater fish hobby and for good reason. Bloodfin Tetra have silver bodies with an almost greenish hue (depending on the aquarium lighting) and red fins. A great freshwater beginner's fish, the Bloodfin Tetra will to tolerate a wide range of water parameters. Some hobbyists even keep them in cold water tanks or tanks without heaters. They will tolerate a lower temperature than other tropical fish, but use a heater to keep the temperature stable. Avoid widely fluctuating water temperatures that could stress your fish.

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The 50W Tetra Submersible heater was the first aquarium heater I used that was purchased back in 2012, and was used for a single betta fish tank. The reason I had bought it was simply because it was one of the cheaper kinds (although this is the kind of decision you cringe about making later). Nonetheless, this is what I think about the 50W Tetra Submersible heater:

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Jul 27, 2010 - I recently bought a Tetra Submersible Heater for my 30 gallon fish tank .. Hello!
I have 6 tetras and I have noticed today they have white spots on them, I read in the previous comments that it’s ick and that I need to move the ones with it to a different tank and I have, but how do I raise the temperature slowly because my other tank doesn’t have a heater, I’m worried because 5 of them have it and I am going to get some medicine for them tomorrow but what kind do I get? And how long will my fish last if I don’t get the medicne to them right away?
Much, much appreciated!! -Sarah

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Immediately, I bought a 2nd school of neons to go in the first tank where the others had lived successfully for two years (well kept). I acclimated them properly but when I put them in there, they began to die almost immediately. I purchased a few from a diff source when I thought things had stabilized but they all died within a week. I suspect neon tetra disease because they were all healthy looking at first. Several of them developed a spot on their side that spread. It was not ich. This was like someone had peeled the color off of the fish and the white spot caved on on the side, causing deformity. This spread through the fish within a few days and many more died. I lost 15 fish total.

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Tropical fish cannot survive in water that is below 74 degrees Fahrenheit. The angelfish, the Australian rainbowfish, the Bala shark, the banjo catfish, the black neon tetra and the black phantom tetra, the black shark, the bloodfin, the blue acara and the blue danio are all examples of freshwater tropical fish. Tropical fish will generally need a heated tank, at least during cooler weather.Setting up a tetra fish tank and aquariums include various tasks that needs to be completed in order to maintain overall health of fishes. It includes: